Sophia: you wont like itMature

I didnt really know what had made me tell him about my sister, I guess it was because he’d told me so much and it just felt right. But now I was in floods of tears. The first time I’d properly cried since I’d found out what happened.

I was trying to calm down but it was proving to be difficult and no matter how hard I tried the tears still spilled from my eyes. Luca tried to comfort me, stroking my hair, but it still took me some time before I finally managed to calm myself down before I sat back against the wall again, feeling slightly self conscious again. I’d never broken down like that, not even in front of Scott.

I felt that he had no idea what to say or how to act so I broke the tension. “sorry. I’ve never broken down like that, not even with Scott,” God knows why I told him that, would probably make things worse.

“It’s okay. I’m not very good at this kind of thing, thought, so, uh.... Sorry about that,” He smiled awkwardly, kind of making me feel worse about it. I smiled back in an attempt to ease the tension. I went and changed the subject, “I’m hungry. I doubt there’s anything here though,”

I could see he wasn’t sure about leaving it but I didn’t think I could take anymore heart to heart. “want me to go look?”

I nodded, “If you want, but i really don’t think there’s anything,”

He hunted around the shop, front and back but he couldn’t find anything. He took a quick look out the window, a sudden expression of concern spread across his face, “ I hope you’re not too hungry, Sophia,”

I watched him look around and began to feel worried as he looked out the window, “Why?” I responded, hoping the things that were going in weren’t true.

He shook his fist slightly, “um... well you remember how there were maybe a couple hundred walkers when i had to draw them away because you were trapped in that alley?”

I nodded, unable to voice anything because of the sudden fear that swept over me.

He looked round at me, his strong form calming me ever so slightly “there are easily more than that now. I’m hardly in any sort of condition to pull the same stunt i did last time, but I can’t see how else we’re gonna get out of here,”

I moved up to stand beside him, looking out the window, I saw exactly what he meant. Hundreds upon hundreds of walkers shambled about outside, bumping into each other. “shit, shit, shit,” I began pacing up and down the room, trying to come up with a plan for getting out.

“Maybe Scott can run them off this time,” He suggested way to brightly, “Only fair,”

I glanced towards him, seeing him smiling innocently, “tempting,” I smirked, It really was rather tempting, It would get rid of all the testosterone battles between them, “but I don’t think he’d go for it,” I continued trying to come up with something, getting slightly distracted as I remembered about Luca’s still topless state.

He seemed to barely notice that he was still topless, even though it was beginning to get cold. “shame,”

I’d come up with a vague plan but I was hesitant about telling him, especially after what had happened at the warehouse. “and don’t you dare think you’re gonna draw ‘em off,” he had practically read my mind although it was less drawing them off and more gathering a stock pile to stay a while. I stepped up close to him so our chests were almost touching, “I can get around quietly, not to draw them off, Just to gather some supplies so we can have a little time to think and for you to heal. I want to leave even less than you want me to, but we have to do something,” I sighed, I really didn’t want to go. If anything I just wanted for there to be a tonne of supplies here so we could just stay and camp here for as long as possible, giving me time to cuddle up with Luca and maybe get him to trust me as much as I trusted him. I began tracing patterns across his chest with a forefinger, getting more and more distracted by his topless form. I have to admit the apocalypse had done him well if he wasn’t already in shape before. He was muscled and toned and strong, and very very hot.

The End

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