Sophia: Don't you dare die on me nowMature

I wasn’t really sure what to think of Luca now. I saw how easily he killed all those people in the warehouse. I understood why he did it, I mean the things they’d done... But I wasn’t sure how I felt about it now. I guess that’s why I had given him the brush off when he’d try to see how I was, I just wasn’t ready to deal with him.

That was until Joe started shouting about him being hurt. I saw him laying on the floor, his arm covered in blood. I ran over to him, adrenaline pumping through me. “no no no,” I muttered as I fell to his side. “Cancer!” I said sharply trying to wake him up, I got no response. “CANCER!” I shouted slapping him hard across the face. His eyes shot open but didn’t really focus on anything. I shone a torch in his eyes but his pupils remained dilated. No, that can’t be right. He had an immunity to the virus. His eyes slid closed again. “stay awake,” Please don’t do this to me, I need you Luca.

“M’sleepy,” he mumbled, barely coherent.

“Joe,” hold this tightly on his arm. As tight as you can,” I handed him my shirt not really caring about being topless now. I was still wearing my old battered bra after all. I checked Luca’s pulse feeling it going weak. “LUCA!” I screamed, panicking slapping him harder. He had to stay awake. I turned to Scott. “pick him up, we need to get to the pharmacy. NOW!” I waited impatiently for him to pick Luca up before charging towards the Pharmacy. We weren’t far and to took me seconds to throw the door open and turn back to shoot off the following walkers before getting everyone indoors.

“lay him oh here,” I said hurriedly clearing off the counter. I ran into the back to find everything I needed, stitches, bandages, antiseptic liquid, a microscope, syringes, antibiotics. Luckily for me this Pharmacy had a small first aid come hospital in the back that had been left by some past survivors and I managed to find an IV drip with some bags of fluid. I ran back into the main room seeing that Scott had led Luca on the table with a pillow under his head. I dragged a smaller table next to me to put everything on and turned to Luca/

What I saw terrified me but looking up at Joe’s pale face and even Scott being concerned I knew I couldn’t lose focus. “both of you go and make sure the door’s barricaded. Once you’ve done that, Scott, stay with me and give me a hand and Joe, get as many blankets and things as you can. We’ll be bedding down here for the night.” I cut down Luca’s shirt with a pair of scissors. His chest was covered in bruises and littered in scars as well as the ink work he had. I ran my hands down his chest to check for breaks before reaching over for the IV needles and tubes. I quickly rinsed off his bloody arm with a bottle of water as Joe and Scott barricaded the door. I slid the Needle into his arm, attaching the tube and the IV bag to set up a drip that I hung on the side.

I checked over the torn bite on his arm, it was full of dirt and crap from the days of not cleaning. “I’m sorry Luca. This isn’t going to be nice.” I treated it like a gravel rash. You know the type you got from coming off a bike or something similar, I put a mixture of disinfectant and water into a bowl and dunked a cloth into it. I scrubbed the area raw until it was bleeding again getting out all the nasty muck and mess from infections and just not being able to clean it.

Once Scott and Joe had finished barricading they both did as I asked, as if I was some sort of leader all of a sudden. I told Scott to try and Get Luca to take some of the antibiotics while I set to work re stitching his arm. It must have taken about an hour before I managed to finally get the mess stitched up. I was still a funny colour but at least it was clean. I washed it over with antiseptic and covered it in a gauze soaked in it before bandaging it up tightly.

I opened his eyes carefully and flashed a torch over it again but there was no response. Shit. I took a small sample of his blood and put it under the microscope I’d found out back. It was pretty simple but it was as good as i was going to get. I had a look at the sample and quickly realised that Luca’s blood, although fighting off most of the zombie virus, wasn’t able to get the main part of it and therefore was only really slowing it down. I leant back against the wall, completely at a loss at what to do. I looked back at the sample and attempted to identify the compound.

After a short while I narrowed it down to a few possibilities. I went through all the different medications in the back and mixed them together with a pestle and mortar, realising that Scott’s many attempts to give Luca the antibiotics weren’t working. I mixed the drug mixture with some morphine before drawing it up in a syringe which I slid into Luca’s IV.

“now we wait i said, hoping that this would work,” Joe ran back in arms filled with blankets. I threw a couple over Luca before dividing up the rest between us. “you guys get some sleep. I’ll take first watch,” I said calmly. Truth was I knew I wasn’t going to sleep tonight what with Luca, and the flash backs of today.

The End

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