Luca: Kind Of A Turn OnMature

“Am I?” I asked, taking a step forward. Sophia was near enough to free now, and all the idiots still here, were gawking at me when they should’ve been making sure she stayed put. Still, I was hardly about to complain. With a growl, he motioned for two of the guys left to grab me. The knife in my hand was suddenly put to good use. I didn’t care what I stuck it into, as long as it stuck deep and made them let go. I didn’t pause to think whether I’d killed them or not. I didn’t really care.

I didn’t even care when Sophia looked away. The guy’s anger was palpable now, and one of the others grabbed Sophia, clearly not realising she’d untied herself. He pulled a knife close to her throat.

“You will watch this,” he told me. I will fucking not, I thought to myself, lifting my gun to shoot him in the arm as well. Except I didn’t need to.

Sophia slammed her head backward into his nose, grabbing his arm and twisting it around behind him.

“No one move, or I’ll break your arm,” she snarled, looking back at the guy I’d shot in the arm. "No one else needs to get hurt tonight. Just let us go and we'll leave you alone. Touch any of us again and believe me you won't live to see another day." I couldn’t help but smile at the ferocity in her voice. It was actually kind of a turn on.

He glared at her. "Oh don't worry sweetheart you're not going anywhere. Not before I have my fun with you in front of your little boyfriend here."

“Just try it,” I dared him. Sophia shoved the guy she had in an arm lock into the one in front of me on her way over, grabbing his gun. These guys were going to regret ever messing with her. I’d make sure of it.

At that moment, one of the guys still standing spotted Joe, a feral grin passing over his lips. He made a move for the kid. 

The End

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