Sophia: A RescueMature

Not long after getting into the warehouse I was ambushed. I should have seen it coming really. I should have let them send in Scott or Luca but no it just had to be me.

I was tied to a chair in the middle of the main floor surrounded by the guys. Shit. I thought to myself. Shit Shit Shit. I looked around for any signs of help or getting out but even if I did manage to get free of the ties... well there would just be to many of them. I felt a rough hand run across my shoulders and I shivered with disgust.

“oh looks like she likes it already,” The creep laughed. It was the big one from outside, he seemed to be some sort of leader in this. “you like the idea of all of us? You little whore,”

“Touch me again and believe me it will be the last thing those hands do,” I spat. I was going to go down fighting. He slapped me hard across the face, It stung but I wasn’t going to let it show.

“don’t talk to me like that you bitch. I could make this so much worse for you so don’t test me,” he growled back.  “now where to start,” A sick leer came across his face as he looked me over.

All the years of abuse came rushing back to me and I closed my eyes and allowed my mind to take me away from here and rough hands ran themselves over me, ripping at my clothes.

I didn’t know how long it had been before the first shouts came up. I managed to pull myself back out of my world to see people start dropping, their blood running across the floor. My view was slightly obscured by a sudden rush of people that circled me but I could still see a few people running around and getting hit by whatever it was.

That was when I heard him. My heart leapt as I heard Luca shout from somewhere in front of the group that encircled me. “give her back,” his almost inhuman snarl made me realise how angry he was “now.”

“And who are you?” the big leader guy responded, taking no head to Luca’s tone. That was when i realised what had happened to the others. They’d been shot. By Luca.

“A bigger problem than the zombies,” he responded darkly. I knew that tone, he meant business and there was nothing that could stand in his way.

“what, one of you against about six of us? Especially now we’re prepared for you” I watched as they all got out guns and my heart rate stepped up a beat.

Luca however noticed something I didn’t and grinned evilly, “you wouldn’t dare,” I looked at the guns again to see that most of them didn’t have silencers, “you’ll attract the Zombies if you do,”

The leader guy hesitated. He was one of the few who had a silencer and he turned it on me. I’d never had a gun pointing at me. I swallowed hard staring at it.

“yeah but you wouldn’t risk this pretty thing now would you?” he was playing with Luca, knowing that he wouldn’t try anything while I was in danger. “She’s certainly a nice one to play with isn’t she.” Luca’s grin quickly disappeared and he stayed silent.

I looked away, unable to see him like that. I had a quick look around the gang, they’d all merged in front of me and were paying complete attention to what was going on between Luca and the other guy. This was my chance, I shifted my hands slightly so I could reach the ends of the tough rope that was holding them together and holding me to the chair, whoever tied them clearly knew nothing about knots as I quickly undid them.

Luca glanced over at me. I could only guess what he saw, I knew I was a mess and I ached everywhere from what they’d done to me. “I dunno what you’re grinning at,” He shot the guy in the arm, making him drop the gun. I quickly caught his eye, signalling that I’d managed to get my hands free.

“You’re going to regret that,” the big guy growled clutching his arm.

The End

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