Luca: Give Her BackMature

I paced up and down the length of the warehouse, part anxiously, part angrily. I was pissed that Sophia had refused to listen to me about this. But I think I was more worried about what would happen if they decided not to be nice to her. Yes, me or Scott walking in there would’ve been a threat, and Joe was useless at defending himself, but it was better than sending a chick in on her own.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being sexist, I just know what goes on in most guys’ heads. I know what went through mine when I first saw her, and it wasn’t “let’s be nice to her because she’s all alone and nearly got killed”.

Joe and Scott got settled in, but there was no fucking way I could sit still. The fact that Scott didn’t seem as worried as me pissed me off a bit more – he was supposed to care about Sophia as well. Joe was quiet, but then Joe was always quiet. Unless he was yelling.

Images of guys with less restraint than me flicked through my head as I managed to torture myself with all the scenarios my brain could come up with.

"Will you sit the fuck down Cancer?” Scott snapped at me as I passed him and Joe for the fifth time. "Why did we let her go? God know what's going on." I ignored him as much as I could, but a guttural growl rumbled in the back of my throat and my fists balled up all on their own. When Scott decided to stand right in my path, I nearly walked straight into him. I also nearly punched him.

“This isn’t helping,” he said.

“It’s helping me,” I replied through clenched teeth, half consciously squaring up to him as I did my best to seem bigger than I was. Not that I needed to, I was taller than him anyway.

"I'm just saying. We need to do something. We shouldn't have sent her in there. Something's wrong," he was, for the first time since I met him, trying to be reasonable. Maybe he cared more than he was letting on, if he was willing to be civil to me. It was then that we hear some guy making a comment.

“I’m gonna fuck her til she can’t see straight,” I heard this guy laugh. It was almost like in that split second just about everything in my head shut off and I was left with one thing I was capable of doing. Worrying about my arm bleeding was irrelevant. Caring about how many of them were in there didn’t matter. The weapons they might have had on them didn’t bother me. Nothing mattered except getting her back, because I should never have let her go off on her own in the first place.

Both Scott and Joe followed me, but in that moment, I could’ve taken on a whole warehouse full of people alone. Screwing the silencer onto my gun, I walked in there, mentally counting how many bullets I had left to use. I was gonna need my knife at some point, but that didn’t worry me. The familiar calm washed over me – I wasn’t scared anymore, or particularly angry. I knew what I had to do, and with that one goal in mind, I didn’t care how I did it, as long as I achieved it.

There was one guy on his own, sat in the very entrance of the building.

"Where is she?" I demanded, aiming the gun for his forehead. Scott looked at me, worry painted on his face as Joe hung back a little, but he pulled out his own gun anyway.

"Where's who?" he asked, glancing

"Sophia. Where is she?"

He shrugged. I was so not in the mood for this. "No idea, now, just put the gun away-"

I flicked the safety off without so much as glancing away from him. "Would you go and look, Scott? Before I blow this idiot's brains out." Nodding, Scott crept off through the little office-y rooms around the front half of the warehouse. While I waited, I kept my gun and eyes on this guy, listening out for anyone else approaching. The only footsteps I heard though, were Scott’s.

"I can’t fucking find her," he told me, irritated. There was one door left, though – the one into the main part of the warehouse. He pushed it open carefully, looking around through the gap. “The main floor’s full of people,” he announced quietly as he crept back. “She might be in there.”

That was good enough for me. Without a second’s hesitation, I stuck a bullet between the guy’s ears, and moved on. Well, I would’ve moved on if Scott hadn’t grabbed me.

“Okay, mister, cool it. Cancer what the hell, you can go round shooting anyone! You know Soph wouldn't be happy about that." I glared at him coldly, pulling out of his grip.

"The less of them to deal with, the better.” He wasted a moment thinking it over, but it was cut short by another comment about how someone bet that ‘she’ll enjoy it in the end, she’ll be begging for more’. Anger flashed across Scott’s features.

“Fine, let’s move.”

Joe scuttled after us as we quietly made our way into the main floor. It was a big enough group of guys, and I got the feeling the other two were intimidated by how outnumbered we were. It was just another thing to add to the list of details I didn’t care about. I lifted my gun again and took aim at some fat guy that was making lewd comments about Sophia and her tits.

I gestured for the other two to just keep moving. They did, reluctantly, watching me as I shot the fat guy. The men around him looked up, startled, but I’d already slipped away. A shout went up, and others noticed the fat guy lying in a pool of his own blood. They began to panic. A few of them bolted for the doors. I shot a couple others, trying to get as many to run as possible. They did. Well, most of them did. A few idiots were determined to have Sophia, and they stayed behind, forming a small circle around her.

I noticed Joe staring at one in particular. There was something in his eyes that was almost imperceptible, and it was gone in a blink. But it was definitely there.

Once the warehouse had emptied, save for the few around Sophia, I left the shadows that clung to the walls behind me and stepped out to face them. All their eyes turned on me.

“Give her back,” I snarled, my knife appearing in my hand, “now.”

The End

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