Luca: You Can Go FirstMature

I found myself desperately wishing Scott had been the one that got ripped to shreds instead of Chris.

“I found a cure,” Sophia announced. I gritted my teeth. There was time for this later on, when we weren’t still exposed.

“What-?” Scott started. His hold on that gun had been wavering before but now it was positively shaking.

“Give me the gun, Scott,” I demanded, cutting him off with my hand out for it. “Before you shoot someone and bring them all back down on us.” Shake, shake, shake. “Scott,” I snapped, “the gun. Now.” He didn’t hand it over, but he hardly resisted when I closed the gap between us and snatched it from him. I flicked the safety back on, and unlike him, I didn’t have to look to know where it was. “Fucking idiot,” I snarled at him, “we need to keep moving.”

Without waiting for anyone, I stormed off in the direction of the industrial estate just ahead of us. I scaled over the fence without too much effort, vaulting over the barbed wire in an all too practiced motion, before tearing up the mesh from the other side so the others could crawl under and follow without stabbing themselves on the wire. Not that any of them deserved any less right now. I kept walking, quickly getting us entangled in the maze of warehouses and abandoned vehicles.

 I didn’t know where I was going. I could’ve picked any of these warehouses. I didn’t like them. We’d be boxing ourselves in if we used one as a camp, but so far, I hadn’t seen a single zombie, and that was good enough for me right then. My arm felt like it was still being torn apart and my shirt was getting soaked with blood.

There was a noise in the back of my mind. It was familiar but somehow alien at the same time. I stopped and Joe walked straight into me, but I barely noticed.

“Why’ve you stopped?” Scott almost whined.

“Shut up,” I hissed, slapping a hand over his mouth before he could make another sound. He tried to push me off, but I grabbed hold of his jaw, turning as I pulled him towards me. “I will not hesitate to stick a knife in your throat,” I whispered, “now shut up before you sign yourself up to be zombie food.” The look in his eyes told me he’d gotten the message.

There was silence for a moment and then... There! I wasn’t the only one that heard it, either. Sophia looked around.

“Is that...?” she trailed off, looking like she was trying not to get her hopes up.

“People talking,” I nodded, wondering what to do.

“Let’s go find them,” Scott suggested, starting off in the direction of the voices.

“Hold up there,” I caught a fistful of the back of his shirt, bringing him to a quick stop. “Remember how well you reacted when I first arrived? Or Joe?” I let him remember for a moment just how ready he had been to kick us both out. “Think they’re gonna react any better?” At least when I’d arrived, it had been quietly, with Sophia and I’d just saved her life. And Joe’s just a kid, I thought they might have looked out for him better than they did.

This was different. We were a group of strangers that had just out run a swarm of zombies, and Scott was proposing we just what? Go knock on the door and say hi?

“Safety in numbers, Cancer. I’m sure not everyone is as much a dick as you are,” he spat at me, pulling free of my grip to check I hadn’t got any blood on him.

“Things like this don’t bring out the good in everyone, smartass. These guys could just see us as a walking bag of free guns,” I glanced at Sophia, “among other things.” I know our relationship was fucked up, to say the least, but the thought of anyone else laying a hand on her... well it was enough to make my blood boil just thinking of it, put it that way.

Sophia nodded, backing me up on this one; “they might not be friendly. Lu- Cancer’s right. We need to be careful.” I tried not to grit my teeth as she nearly slipped up on my name again. I dunno why I hate other people hearing that name. Only her and Rayn know it, I guess. It’s the name I was given by my parents, so hearing it just isn’t much fun, I guess.

I was starting to come up with an idea though. “Since Scott is so eager to go find these people, he can go alone, and get a feel for them. We’ll wait outside,” I smiled a little evilly, gesturing for him to move. 

The End

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