Luca: Keeping UpMature

I’d been about ready to stab that big mouthed dick, I really had. Maybe what he’d said had hit a nerve, or just the fact he was yelling at me and being so fucking ungrateful had been what made my temper snap, but either way, that knife was in my hands without me even realising what I was doing.

And then the zombies showed up. I’m not sure if it was a relief or not. Still, having something to stick my knife in when I was already worked up hardly went amiss.  There were so many of them. We weren’t exactly on the edge of the woods where we were, so fuck knows why they were close enough to hear, even with the yelling. Maybe they were running out of things to kill and slowly made their way out of town?

I didn’t have much time to think about it, though. I was too busy breaking brittle bones, shoving aside bodies and snapping necks. It was like the mob that had chased me out of town had found me again and they were determined to finish the job.

I saw Joe disappear in a swarm of walkers and for some reason, even though he was the one that had made me lose it, despite the fact I’d been ready to stab him, I couldn’t bring myself to let him go like that. Hacking the head off the zombie standing in my way, I reached in and pulled Joe out, trying to ward off the others with one free hand.

Fingers clawed at me as I shoved Joe out of the way. Some of them fell away as I broke the legs of the zombie they belonged to with a couple hard kicks, but it wasn’t enough, apparently. Searing pain shot through my arm above the first bite mark. I looked down and saw a walker chowing down like I was the first thing it’d eaten in months. I stuck a knife in its head, but the damage was already done.

Wondering briefly if knowing I had the cure had made me more reckless, or if being with a group was starting to be a bad thing again, I pushed on, looking out for myself more than I’d been moments ago.

For a moment, it was like the other day all over again. Running. It was all in the running. Staying ahead of them meant I stayed alive, and stopping to help anyone again would kill me. I don’t know why I’d ignored that part of my brain screaming at me that it would be the end of me if I slowed down for anything. I hadn’t ignored it before.

I glanced to my right, glad to see that at least Sophia was keeping up with me. I didn’t see whether Joe or Scott were there, though. 

The End

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