Sophia: Is this what he thought of me?Mature

I spent most of the night tossing and turning before I finally decided it was no use.

I crawled out of  the tent and strapped on my weapons then stood up a stretched trying to work out the aches I’d developed over night I sighed and wandered over to the gentle campfire that had managed to survive what must have been the few hours sleep I’d had since we managed to get back.

Of corse a row had broken out when we’d turned up, not just over Joe coming back or AJ being turned, It was just about the fact the Scott, being the bone headed idiot he was, had decided he was going to try and play the tough guy and grill Joe about him being here. I’d done my best to calm it down but I wasn’t entirely sure how Joe’s state of mind was currently.

I put a few more bits onto the fire in an attempt to keep warm and gazed up at the stars, my mind wandering back to Luca and whether he was still ok. I shivered slightly as a mild sense of  being watched washed over me. I glanced round a few times but saw nothing. I looked over a Scott’s tree house and chewed my lip as the memory of how hurt he was flashed through my mind. Don’t be stupid I thought to myself. I looked back at the fire before wandering over to the food area, preparing a meal always helped to distract me.

Whilst I was cutting up meats and veggies I let my mind go through everything, by everything I meant my worries for Luca, what I thought we should do now, where we should go. I had ideas for where we should go and what we should do but I didn’t know how the others would react and as for Luca.... my imagination was running wild, images of him lying in a ditch somewhere being eaten or trapped in an abandoned house. “$*@^,” I looked down as blood welled up from a deep cut in my finger from where I’d missed the root I was cutting up. I stuck my finger in my mouth as I went over to my old lab and pulled out a first aid kit, the sun was just peaking over the trees as I washed it out and began stitching it up carefully.

I was just applying the gauze when a shout came up from the other side of the camp. I ran over to where the yells were coming from, Scott’s tree house, and went to investigate.

When I got inside I was greeted by the last sight I expected Scott was sitting up in the bed with Luca standing at the end of it. “what the F*^!ing hell are you doing here?”

Lucas eyes flashed angrily but I could tell the anger hadn’t just come on, something must be getting at him. But what? “I’m here to talk to Sophia,” he growled. I’d only heard him this angry when we’d fought at the hospital.

“why the hell do you think she’d be here?” Scott sounded as confused as I felt. Luca knew me and Scott weren’t together, at least I bloody hope he did after everything. I hovered at the door, wanting to see if Scott could get out of him what was going on.

“where else would she be?” Luca shouted. What? I thought to myself, Why the hell would he think I’d be here? I thought he knew me, knew that I wouldn’t go running back to Scott. I was with him, I cared about him.

“I don’t f*^!ing know, she’s yours now. I don’t know what goes through her head anymore,” Scott clearly sounded upset but I didn’t let that get to me, he’d been a complete dick to Joe and myself when we got back and I was still annoyed at him.

Luca narrowed his eyes, I could see him getting tense and angry, “I know she’s here, Scott. Don’t fucking mess with me,”

That was it, I had to get involved. Partly because Luca’s assumption had pissed me off and partly because I got the feeling he would rip this place apart at any second. “so what, you think I’d just run back to him? Did nothing from the last few days actually get through to you?,”

Luca turned to face me, anger written across his face  “Well you did run off. First chance you got,”

That was it. My exhaustion and stress and worry from him being missing exploded out all at once “AJ was in that alley way! My best friend was being eaten alive! What was I supposed to do?” I could feel the tears begin to fall, not from sadness but from frustration and anger, “did you honestly think I’d just run off from you at the first chance? Do you really think that little of me?” I didn’t understand what had lead Luca to believe that I was like that?

“I don’t know, Sophia, I don’t do trust. The last few days out of town haven’t exactly given me any answers.”

“so you thought you’d just come in all guns blazing and throw accusations around?” I cried, the last few days of trying to stay strong for the others had just pushed me over the edge. The next thing I knew a pair of strong arms wrapped round me and Scott’s all too familiar sent filled my head. I didn’t care, I needed the support.

The End

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