Sophia: Where are you Luca?Mature

I woke up with a start, I couldn’t even remember going to sleep. I sighed and had a quick look around the roof but there was no sign of Luca. I packed up my tent and went over to Joes.

“hey,” I said carefully stood outside the door of his tent, “hey Joe, we need to get moving,” I heard a stir from inside the tent and a faint mumble, “come on kiddo, it’s time to get up,”

“ok I’m up,” a voice came from inside the tent and some shuffling.

I sighed and began making some version of breakfast from the supplies we had left while I waited for him to get ready. He came out of the tent and stretched making a couple of bones crack. “breakfast’s ready,” I said pointing at the rice cakes and crisps.

“cheers,” he mumbled picking them up and devouring them in a few minutes.

“Luca hasn’t come back,” I said quietly, he nodded, “I’ll leave him a message but we need to move on, we’re to exposed here.” He nodded again clearly unhappy about it. “He’ll be ok, he can look after himself,” I attempted a smile then carried on clearing up.

Once finished I turned to Joe, “look we should head back to camp. We’ll be safer there,” He didn’t exactly look happy about that but we also didn’t have a lot of choice. we quietly began climbing down the ladder on the side of the building and sneaking down the now empty alley way. I took lead and kept an eye on the walkers in the street as we darted carefully towards the old super market to collect some more provisions.

I killed four more walkers before we even made it across to the store. I blocked up the door temporarily as we scouted the aisles for the essentials that we would need such as food and water. I also made sure to pick up some chemicals for my lab then we headed back out.

                                                                                *             *             *

“how could you just run off like that?” Scott had been shouting at me for over an hour since we’d made it back. It seemed Luca had pretty much just lead most of the walkers off when he ran so we’d made it back to camp fairly easily. “we had no idea if you were even alive!”

“for god’s sake Scott. Just shut up, I’m not your concern anymore.” I was tired, hungry and had just had enough of this. “look what matters now is sorting things out here, AJ didn’t make it.” I’d been wanting to get that out since we’d arrived back but Scott hadn’t exactly given me the chance.

“w-what?” Both Scott and Chris looked devastated and we stood in silence for a little while.

“I-it was my fault,” a small voice came from behind me “She was trying to save me,”

I sighed, “It was nobody’s fault. AJ knew the risks,” I glared at Scott who I could see was getting angry and I didn’t want a fight to flare up. “Look let’s just get unpacked and what have you and we’ll sort this out tomorrow, ok?” I looked around at everyone and eventually they agreed.

I sighed as they moved off and looked out at the trees, thinking to myself. Where are you Luca?

The End

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