Sophia: HopeMature

I hadn’t noticed the other walkers. The ones filling up the streets behind AJ. Well not until a tall lean figure crashed into the alley behind them and began shooting.

I snapped out of whatever state I seemed to be in just in time to hear Luca shouting for me to run as he unloaded his rounds into the rest of the crowd and doing the same in the other direction. I shot up the fire escape and collapsed onto the roof unsure of what I was supposed to do now. I glanced back down into the alley to watch the last of the freaks shuffle off in pursuit of Luca who was now sprinting down the street. I knew I shouldn’t really have run but to be honest at that point i was relying on instinct and my instinct told me to do exactly as he said. I sighed and for the second time today sat back against the wall, my mind flooding with a mix of emotions. I tensed as I saw a slight movement out of the corner of my eye, only relaxing slightly as I realised it was human.

“who are you?” I said harshly. I mean I knew he was only a kid but at this point I really didn’t care.

“J-Joe,” he stammered “It’s my fault your friend is down there.. like that. She-she saved me.”

I glared at him, unsure of how to take the news. My mind wanted to fill with anger but I knew at this point we couldn’t afford for me to lose it, I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths before turning back to him. “we’ll deal with that later, right now we need to find out where the hell Luca’s run off to.” I sighed.

“what do you mean run off? He said he’d come back,” He looked back at me worried and slightly hurt.

“are you sure that’s what he said?” I was skeptical as I knew Luca wasn’t one to bother with people so easily. The kid nodded, “yeah he said he’s come back for me,”

I chewed my lip and thought it over. “ok, well we should have enough provisions in here,” I pointed at the bags that we’d left on the roof, “to last us a night at least. If he’s not back I’ll leave him a note and we’ll move off.” I sighed, this kid Joe reminded me vaguely of one of the boys in the year below me at college that I used to keep an eye out for and the familiarity stirred up my old sisterly self. I set up the tents that we had in one of the sacks, weighing them down with bricks and slates from the roof top and we bedded down in hope of Luca’s return.

Again my night would be filled of bad dreams and a sense of fear that it seemed only Luca could keep away. Tears filled my eyes as Joe slipped into his tent and I stood watch. He told me to wake him in a few hours to take over but I got the sense that he hadn’t slept in a long time and I knew I wouldn’t end up waking him. Instead I went over to the edge of the roof and sat and waited, hoping, praying Luca would come back and my feelings weren’t just some hopeless pipe dream.

The End

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