Sophia: Trapped... AgainMature

I shuffled up onto the roof and turned round to ask Luca what the plan was but the hatch closed and I was left alone. I sighed and quietly crept over to the edge of the roof looking at the street to see tons of walkers shuffling about. I had no idea how we were going to get back to camp. I sighed and sat back against the wall.

I could hear shuffling from the ally way beside the building and I looked over the edge to see a walker dragging itself through the debris that littered the walk I pulled myself up closer to the edge and accidently knocked a few stones off the side. I quickly dropped down behind the wall but not before the walker looked up and saw who it was... or rather who it had been.

AJ.... AJ was a walker.... AJ had gotten killed. How? What was she doing out here? My mind was numb, and I just sat with my back against the wall for god knows how long with tears falling down my cheeks. My mind flashed back to memories of AJ and myself before all the crap that was going on now, AJ and myself at her house dying our hair, hers bright blue and mine, supposed to be purple but actually ended up a strange shade of burgundy. We laughed and joked about it for weeks.

I climbed down the ladder at the side of the building into the ally way and hid behind a few boxes downwind of AJ-walker and watched, unsure of what to do, or what I was even doing in the first place. I knew what Luca would do he wouldn’t even think about it but I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t even let it enter my mind. I mean it was still AJ right? Under all that. I sighed, the smallest sound, I could barely even hear it myself but AJ-walker turned her head in my direction, almost looking at me had I not been hidden by the boxes. I held my breath as the cold dead eyes seemed to travel over the scene. They were cloudy and blank her skin normally pale was now a mottled blue grey and covered in rings of teeth marks covered by the rags that had once been her clothes now torn apart to expose more flesh. I let out a slow quiet breath but no matter what I did every tiny sound seemed to alert her.... it... of my presence. I carefully slid back, extending an arm behind me in case I knocked anything or made any sound but AJ-walker kept coming forward making noises like a dog that’s just smelt a bone. Sharp wet sniffs. I kept creeping back but no matter what it seemed locked on my scent.

I’d managed to back up against a wall and i had nowhere else I could go. For fuck sake, I thought to myself, why do I always manage to get myself trapped in alley ways with freaking walkers?

The End

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