Sophia: the morning afterMature

I opened my eyes, taking a second to adjust to my surroundings. I felt a warm body behind me and for a second wondered why Scott was next to me. Then it all flooded back to me. I rolled over to see Luca’s sleeping form facing me I smiled seeing him fully relaxed unlike his usual self who was so tensed up, I reached  over and gently brushed a stray hair off his face he stirred slightly and I moved my hand to place it over his worried I’d woken him, he half held back but it was clear he was still asleep. I stroked the back of his hand with my thumb I didnt want to wake him but I wasn’t too bothered, he stirred again slightly.

“Luca?” I whispered gently watching for any signs of life.

“mmm?” he murmured something incoherent, still half asleep.

“You awake?” I said gently smiling


I kissed his nose in a vague attempt at waking him up, “morning,”

A sleepy smile spread across his face and he opened his eyes, I smiled back his messy hair and his sleepy smile reinforcing the feelings I had towards him. “You ok?”

“yeah. How are you feeling?” he said, still slightly sleepy.

“achy,” I smirked as my thoughts flashed back to what we did. “but otherwise ok,” I trailed my fingertips down his arm gently.

He chuckled and kissed me and it was clear that he wasn’t used to the whole morning affectionate thing. I pulled back gently not wanting to worry him, “sorry,” I smirked, “morning breath,” In the middle of the apocalypse and I still get morning breath. I laughed gently and slid out of the bed, not really wanting to leave him, and padded quietly over to the bathroom. I heard Luca laugh slightly and he stayed where he was. I went into the bathroom and quickly scrubbed my teeth. Once finished I stood and stared into the mirror, still unable to really believe what happened. I took a deep breath allowing it to sink in. I smiled at the thought as I heard him clattering around in the kitchen.

I wandered back into the kitchen area and sat on the table, watching his bare figure searching through the cupboards, He turned and smiled at me and for once I didn’t feel the need to cover up and I knew he was enjoying the sight. He offered me something to eat. I took the food and grinned back at him also fully enjoying the view of his tanned and inked form, completely naked in front of me.

He slid on the table next to me, close enough for us to be touching. I blushed and finished off the ‘breakfast’ I crossed my legs and gently began running my foot up and down his leg. I heard him hum gently as he manages to finish off twice as much as I had, I continued running my foot up and down his leg and I leant back on my hands. He finished eating and smiled over at me and I could see that he had no idea what to do. I slid off the table and began to get dressed glancing over at him occasionally, I could see from the look in his eyes that he was concerned he’d done something wrong.

What he didn’t realise was that he was doing everything right and for the first time in years I felt perfect.

The End

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