Sophia: TogetherMature

The thought of seeing Scott again bought forward a fresh wave of anxiety. I wasn't really sure what it was, I guess it was just because I had no idea how he'd react to me and Cancer.... Luca. For now though I'd just push that to the back of my mind and enjoy the thought that there was a me and Luca. I grinned at that as I collected up the bags and things, "back to the shop first so I can collect the lab stuff?" I asked.

"sure I'll just go kiss the showers goodbye," he laughed. I laughed and stood to wait for him, unsure if he was kidding or not. He was. "c'mon let's just get going," he walked past me and I followed beside him. I slipped my hand into his, my fingers finding the gaps between his and slotted in perfectly. My heart skipped a beat as he returned the grip, the entire thing feeling so natural.

We walked outside and it hit me that during the time in the hospital I had practically forgotten what a hell it was outside, Luca only took a second to make sure there weren't to many around and I returned to my unconscious habit of chewing my lip when I was anxious, carefully sliding my knife from its sheath just in case.

"they're not paying us any attention," he reassured me. He always seemed so... Comfortable I guess. He never seemed to bothered by the things as if this entire apocalypse was made just for him, he seemed so at home in it.

I nodded, feeling slightly reassured by the fact that he seemed ok in it. I felt so much safer with him and we carried on walking. I was grateful when we reached the shop without any incidents and I quickly checked the shop was clear before continuing upstairs, only relaxing when I saw my kit was still there. I turned to see that Luca had propped the door shut to keep out any unwanted guests and went to get food and something to drink.

I glanced out of the window and worked out that it must be fairly late in the afternoon as the sun was low in the sky. "we may as well bed down for the night," I turned to Luca, "once I've packed everything away properly it'll be to late to travel safely," that wasn't entirely true and i could se that Luca knew it but I wasn't in any hurry to get back to camp or to not be alone with... Well my new boyfriend I guess. He didn't argue.
"I'll go fix that door up properly then," he said moving back to the main door and piling things in front of it to secure it. I began preparing the sofa beds, I didn't want to assume that we'd be sleeping together now in case I was to forward but I could see from the look in Luca's eye when he returned to see both beds set up that he'd already assumed just that.

Again I chewed my lip, I really needed to stop that, I looked back at the beds again and realised I'd been an idiot. "you're choice," I didn't exactly specify what he was to be choosing but i assumed he understood. He went and sat down on one of the beds and patted the space next to him to sit down, I smiled and went and sat down. "if we're together, where's the sense in us sleeping apart?" he chuckled. I felt the heat rise in my cheeks and felt foolish "sorry, I wasn't sure," I giggled slightly, relaxing and shifted closer to him, eager to feel the warmth of his body next to mine, I rested my head on his shoulder feeling safe again and rested my hand on his leg hoping he understood my advances.

He almost seemed to place his hand on my thigh but seemed to think better of it, sliding it round my waist instead. I felt happy for the first time in a long time and as I looked up at him I knew he was happy too, I smiled and kissed him feeling him return the feeling.

The End

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