Sophia: ElationMature

The first thing that ran through my mind when he kissed me was I thought he was angry with me? Now I didn't know what was going on. My arms instinctively reached round his neck and I felt him respond by kissing me harder and wrapping his arm around my waist. I pressed into him, pushing him back into the wall. My mind was completely blank and the world had just dropped away leaving us with just this moment as I just didn't want there to be anything else.

Suddenly Cancer flipped us round so I was the one with my back to the wall, my heart started beating fast as my mind went back to my dad. I moved away slightly, trying to get my bearings to clear my head before things went any further. I felt him break the kiss and move back slightly, giving me space, which I was grateful for. "sorry.... it's just.... flashbacks," I sighed suddenly feeling tired and sad, I rested my head against his shoulder, seeking comfort in his warmth.

"My fault" he moved his other arm to hold me "I'm not used to being careful," I couldn't help but look up at him I got the sense that the feeling shared between us where completely new to him as he'd never really opened up to anyone before. What had been so bad in his past to make him this way? I wondered. "it's not your fault," I smiled at him and brushed a strand of hair back off his face, my fingers lingering at his cheek.

"I dunno" he smiled sadly "I gotta warn you though, I've never been very good at remembering that other people have feelings. I don't want to hurt them, but I usually do a pretty thorough job of it" although I believed him, his words did nothing to deter me from wanting him.

I kissed his cheek, not wanting him to think I was giving up on him "I'll just have to make sure to remind you then" I ran my fingers through his hair in a vague effort to tidy it up slightly "I trust you Cancer, I don't think you'll hurt me," I really didn't think he would, I don't know what it was but something was making me trust him.

"I'll try not to" I noticed the confusion in his eyes as I felt the same, a minute ago we were about to tare each other apart arguing about getting together with him saying we shouldn't and now we were in each others arms. I knew what I wanted, but did he feel the same?

"so uh... What does this mean? I mean I know what I want but... What about you?" I asked gently, not wanting to start another argument.

"Um... Not sure, to be honest. I don't do attachment very often" he laughed slightly nervously. I felt disappointment wash through me, I guess I should have seen it coming really. "oh ok...," I crossed my arms in front of me.

"Guess you must be the lucky one. Or unlucky, depending on your point of view." he said quietly

I just looked back at him, completely confused. Did that mean he did want us to try it out? Or was he just spouting riddles now?

I could sense his embarrassment and him being uncomfortable and I instantly thought he was going to say something about him being flattered that I liked him but he didn't see me that way "I like you too, Sophia" surprise washed through me then a sense of elation as he looked up at the ceiling. I thread my fingers through his, feeling them fit together perfectly, and stepped closer to him grinning.

He smiled down at me for the first time ever it even looked  lose to genuine "Sorry, I'm so shit at this kind of thing" he laughed.

I laughed back, feeling happier that I had in a long time "it's ok, we can work at it," I kissed him gently barely brushing my lips against his. I wasn't quite ready for it to get as heavy as earlier, but then I guess we both had a lot to work on.

The End

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