Sophia: crazy about himMature

I saw a flash of emotion behind his eyes but it was just as quickly gone. I brushed my fingers across his cheek. His skin was smooth under my touch.

He gave me a quick forced smile and got up, pushing me back gently. “anyway, we’d better get back to camp right? You need someone else to test your cure on, and I think Scott’s the perfect victim,” he laughed and I sighed “I’ll go make sure this ward is boarded up properly; at least then we can come back when we need to wash,”

I looked down at the floor trying to avoid his gaze, “oh ok, yeah,” I turned away to pack up feeling my heart sink. Was there nothing I could do? “I’ll... uh... I’ll make sure we’ve got everything we need from here. We’ll need to go back to the shop so I can get my stuff back,” I stayed facing away from him as he walked off, I presumed to make everything secure, I glanced over at him as he began picking up things and putting them a bag i'd found.

I smirked and snuck up behind him covering his eyes laughing. I felt him jump slightly, “boo,” I whispered in his ear laughing more.

“Fuck me, don’t sneak up on me like that,” he muttered. I laughed and moved round in front of him, “chill, just me,” I grinned up at him, trying to ease the tension.

“You’re Lucky I left my knife out of reach,” he was grumpy. I rolled my eyes “oh for god’s sake Cancer,” now I was pissed, “I was just messing around, trying to cheer you up, cheer us both up,” I walked back over to the bed, irritated at him for getting grumpy when I was trying to keep up the mood “you know what, fine, forget it,” I huffed collecting up the last of our things and throwing them into another bag which I shrugged onto my back.

He almost growled back at me “sorry, I just hate moving from one place to another. Im ill injured and the dream I had last night put me on edge.” I looked back over at him as he was strapping his weapons back on to his arms and legs. “Y’know what? I’m just gonna get you back to the camp and then I’ll move on. I am not the sort of person you want to be spending so much time around,”

I lost it, “how do you know who I want to be spending time with?” I shouted, I stormed up to him “Cancer for god’s sake, don’t you even realise how I feel about you? The flirting, the messing around, the telling you things I’ve never even told Scott before. I-I...” I took a deep breath shaking slightly, “For god’s sake Cancer I’m crazy about you.” I pushed him up against the wall to make him face me as I finally admitted to myself how I felt.

The End

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