Sophia: You're a good personMature

I turned and walked down the hall not waiting for Cancer to follow me, still feeling the heat in my cheeks from blushing. I heard Cancer following as I took us into the shower room.

I went into the back room as cancer rooted around for soap I heard him step into the next one as I began to get undressed and switched the shower on waiting for the water to heat up. I took a deep breath and stepped under the water  I heard a laugh from the shower next to me “Fuck that feels better already,”

“damn that’s good,” I also laughed as the hot water eased the aches from living on the street and washed off the grime a blood from the fight. I stood and just let the heat wash over me.

“Can we just move in here?” he shouted back over the noise of the shower.

“I guess, if you want?” I said back scrubbing my hair and body to remove the blood and grime from having to deal with the walkers and living in squats.

“I don’t mind.” He called back, “you should probably get back to your friends at some point y’know,”

I sighed “I know, I just don’t really want to face Scott,” I finished cleaning off and switched off the shower, wringing out my hair.

Cancer was quiet for a moment his shower still running “oh yeah. Sorry about that,”

I smiled to myself at the memory of our kisses and leaned against the wall of the shower cubical thinking about what happened. “It wasn’t your fault. In fact I distinctly remember it was me who came on to you,” I smirked.

“I know,” I heard him laugh “but I was hardly discouraging you. It’s not like I didn’t know about Scott,”

“I guess,” I hesitated unsure if I should carry on, “but... but I didn’t mind,”

Cancer was quiet for a minute. “well don’t go throwing your relationship away on account of a piece of trailer trash that just happen to walk by at the right moment.”

I sighed, did he not realise how I felt about him at all? I stepped into his cubical facing him directly, watching as the water ran over his smooth, muscled skin. “you’re much more than that Cancer, you’re a good person,” I suddenly realised that we were both naked and felt the heat rise in my cheeks. I quickly looked away. Feeling Cancer look  me over as he clearly didn’t care. “I’ll have to take your word for it.”

The End

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