Sophia: Stocking upMature

I wandered down the corridor searching for extra supplies.

Before the outbreak I'd always been completely accident prone, constantly managing to get myself hurt in one way or another and now that the world had turned upside down It made it even worse so the chance to stock up on some decent medical supplies was an excellent opportunity.

Finally I managed to find the pharmacy, the door was locked but I was able to easily hop over the counter to search through the boxes of drugs out the back. I picked up a pack of morphine, a pack of Paracetamol and a couple of different packs of antibiotics before sliding back over and shoving them in my bag. My bag was so much lighter now without all my things. I was so used to carrying at least some of my lab kit around so it felt weird to be able to easily swing it onto my back. 

I carried on down the hall having a look around, occasionally stopping to pick up some more supplies. I passed a couple of vending machines which I easily smashed the front of and stocked up on chocolate bars and bags of crisps that were still in date and a couple of bottles of water and fizzy drinks before dragging the machines in front of the doors to create a barricade. I knew the building well having volunteered here before the outbreak and I knew that this part had only one other set of main doors which I quickly moved round to now. I managed to barricade those easily before making my way back to Cancer.

I wandered back over to the bed and realising he'd gone to sleep I checked his temperature again before covering him in a blanket.  I looked round for somewhere to sleep that wasn't to far away but the only place was the uncomfortable hospital chair. I looked back over at Cancer and hesitated slightly. I didn't really want to wake him, although to be honest he looked like he wouldn't even wake up or an earthquake at the moment. 

I carefully climbed onto the bed next to him and cuddled up as close as to dared. I felt him move slightly a if to make room and quickly looked up at him to see if I'd woken him but he was still fast asleep. I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder feeling his arms wrap around me, I glanced up again, still dead to the world. I closed my eyes and eventually slid into the first dreamless sleep I'd had in a year.

The End

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