Sophia: A cureMature

I looked up at him and smiled “I think this is a cure,” I wandered over to him and sat in front of him, “but I’d have to try it on someone else....” I sighed. I guess I just didn’t want to leave, It was nice just being with Cancer and hanging out. I almost felt safe.

“but that’s good right?” Cancer sounded confused at my low key tone.

“yeah it just means moving again I guess,” I sighed again, “I kinda like it here, finally get a chance to feel safe,”

“I know what you mean, but it won’t hold forever,”

I shrugged “I dunno, there’s no reason for them to come in here, we can get out and get supplies,” I really didn’t want to leave. I had no idea what had gotten into me but something about Cancer made me feel safe and finally we had somewhere that was reasonably safe...... Suddenly I heard a crash from downstairs.

Cancer arched a eyebrow “you were saying?”

I smirked “It only sounds like one do you wanna take it or shall i?” If im honest it didn’t even sound like it had come from the door.

Cancer laughed “I’ll let you take it,” I was surprised, I’d expected him to want to take it and be all macho. I smirked, “you sure? Don’t want to be the hero?” I winked.

Cancer scowled back at me and got his knife going downstairs to deal with it. I laughs slightly and followed him unsheathing my own knife. I kept back but made sure I could still keep an eye on him in case anything turned south.

Once we got to the bottom of the stairs we realised there were more than just the one walker, they’d managed to get through the barricade and were now wandering round the shop floor in an attempt to find us. I heard Cancer mutter a curse as he went in and disappeared among them. I did the same diving into the other side and began fighting making sure to avoid the teeth and nails as I didn’t want to get scratched or bitten. I quickly lost sight of him as I fought through and killed walkers, stabbing and slashing at them with my knife, feeling their skulls cave under my fist and what was left of their eyeballs explode as I stabled through their eyes.

I heard a sudden torrent of swearing from Cancer and I looked over to see him getting cornered by a particularly angry walker who seemed hell bent on tearing Cancer to pieces. “Cancer!” I fought my way through a crowd of dead creatures almost slipping in the blood and brain matter before I finally reached the pair, I quickly smashed my now soaked with blood blade into the back of the creatures head caving in its mouldering skull, my reward being getting covered in a black sticky mush. However the monster fell to the floor dead... for good.

I looked up at Cancer who was now trying to fight me, keyed up on the chance to kill things. I caught his arms and held him still “they’re all gone Cancer, It’s ok you got them,” I held on to him as he calmed down and his breathing slowed.

The End

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