Luca: InfectionMature

With a shrug I agreed. It wasn't like there were many zombies outside now, but the place was boarded up safely enough that we could probably stay a couple of nights without worrying too much as long as we didn't make too much noise or draw attention to ourselves.

I went off on another hunt for more food, finding not only a bunch of snacks that didn't go out of date for another year, but some shaving foam and razors. If you thought I was happy about being able to brush my teeth, you should've seen how fucking happy I was when I saw those lying there on the floor. I was getting kinda sick of shaving with my hunting knife. I didn't always have something to clean the knife with, and cut myself more often than not. It was a miracle I wasn't one of those zombies shuffling around outside, y'know.

Sophia grinned when she saw what I'd returned with. She was setting up her lab stuff. I had no idea that was what she'd put in her bag, but most of it seemed to be there, including my blood samples. When she was all set up, she dripped a little of my blood on a slide and peered at it down the microscope. She looked in her element, being all nerdy and sciencey. I noticed a few books next to her on the counter as I waited for some semi-clean water to come out of the tap. No wonder her bag was so fucking heavy.

I watched kinda curiously as she did her thing, turning my attention to breaking the razor out of its packet when the water started running clear. I didn't really look at her while I shaved. I was way too busy enjoying the way I could scrape the stubble off without worrying abour slicing my throat open to care that she was flipping through those books of hers.

"Cancer? Can I just check something with you?" she asked after a minute of flicking through pages and pages of apparently useless information.

"Hmm?" I wasn't really listening too much; I'd sort of ended up in a world of my own. It was far too easy to relax in here, knowing those zombies didn't have a clue where we were.

"Come here a sec, I need to check something," she told me. I rinsed off the last of the foam clinging to my face and dried my skin on the bottom of my shirt, wandering over to her. "Sit here," she instructed, pulling a chair out for me. I didn't argue, sitting down and letting her check me over for... something. "I kinda want to try something, it's a little drastic but... I have an idea." I arched an eyebrow at that. I don't like drastic unless I'm the one being drastic. She hesitated a moment. "I... I want to try the infection on you."

I don't think I was expecting that. "You're insane. What're you gonna do when you have a zombie sitting next to you?" I laughed, not sure how else to react.

"That's the thing, I don't think it'd affect you," she told me.

"What makes you think that?" It was a big risk to ask someone to take, and I wasn't sure I wanted to try it.

"This thing they've given you, it may have done something to help you." I still wasn't too certain about it. Why couldn't she try... I dunno. Something else? "It's up to you."

I sat there, thinking about it, trying to come up with a reason - any reason - I could give to say no. I just didn't have one, not really. With a sigh, I gave in. "Give me a few more minutes to enjoy having clean teeth and a shave that didn't involve cutting my face open with a hunting knife, 'kay?" 

The End

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