Sophia: We could stay hereMature

I was awake way before Cancer, plagued by the same old dream. I’d woken up just before the sun and ended up sitting on the window sill watching it come up. Now at around midday he’d finally begun to stir I watched as he got up, again taken aback by his appearance.

Hidden underneath his shabby clothes was a muscled figure covered in artistic ink work. I’d always appreciated tattoos, even wanted some myself but Cancer had a way of pulling it off so well. His shoulders down to just above his elbows where covered in intricate tribal patterns; he had a tribal style wolf running from his hip to his collar bone and a small Chinese symbol on his wrist.

I caught myself staring at his bare chest and quickly looked away as he grunted at me and shuffled off. I quickly straightened the office up again in an attempt of something to do before wandering over to the old lockers to see if anyone had left anything useful behind. I glanced back at the door to see Cancer grinning as he showed me a tube of tooth paste and a couple of tooth brushes. I grinned back as he wandered in to the bathroom and turned back to the lockers. After a quick investigation I discovered a top and a pair of old jeans that just about fit me. “score,” I grinned.

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had the chance to wear clean clothes. I put them on one of the sofas and continued investigating, I found a box of cookies, still in date and a couple of cupcakes also in date. “sweet, this is our lucky day,” I smiled getting out plates and sharing the goodies out.

“what you find?” Cancer came out of the bathroom obviously feeling better.

I smiled at him, pointing at the cakes. “and some clothes for me but im going to clean up first.” I headed out to the bathroom “don’t eat all the food please,” I laughed back at him closing the bathroom door behind me. I stripped off at filled the sink with water and began to clean myself off.

After scrubbing at my skin and rinsing through my hair I finally felt reasonably clean. I scrubbed my teeth and slipped into the clothes before taking a quick glance in the mirror. I looked skinner than I used to be, not that that was any surprise but now that I’d cleaned up I looked slightly better.

I went back out to the office and picked up my plate, sitting down next to Cancer to eat. “You know, we could just stay here for a while? I know it’s not great but it’s better than nothing.” I looked over at him and smiled.

The End

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