Sophia: A good nights sleep?Mature

We were sat in someone’s house, or at least it used to be before the world went to hell. Scott and I were in one of the bedrooms whilst his Mum, Dad and little brother Patrick where downstairs. All the windows where boarded up and the only way in and out was the front door. I was curled up in the corner. Pictures of Maggie’s death running through my mind. It wasn’t like she’d been the first person we’d lost but it was certainly the hardest, she was only 9. So innocent and so trusting. I’d picked her up on a run into town for supplies, she’d been hiding in an old dump site and I’d told her she could stay with us but a few days later on a move she’d gotten killed.

It was my fault, I should have checked better. I’d scouted ahead to make sure our path was clear and in a rush I hadn’t checked behind the security door. Everyone else had gotten through and I was taking up the back with Maggie. The thing jumped out the door, taking us both down. I managed to scramble free but Maggie wasn’t strong enough. The clearest thing I could remember where her screams for me, cut off by the tearing of her flesh as the freak bit into her. Scott and his Dad had to drag me back as all I could think of was saving Maggie, even though it was too late.


I woke with a start, disoriented I looked around trying to establish where the hell I was. It looked like an old shop, the front door was blocked up and I was lead on an old counter, my elbow cleaned and bandaged up. I rubbed my eyes and looked around again spotting Cancer slumped asleep in a chair off to the side. I smiled and took the opportunity to look at him properly. He was cute, especially now he finally looked relaxed. I looked up at the barricaded door, as it thudded a few times.

“whu...?” Cancer stirred and jolted awake

“wakey wakey,” I smiled, sliding off the counter being careful of my elbow

“you ok?" Cancer watched me intently, I assumed looking for any sign that I was going to become one of them.

“yeah, just a bit sore. I think I was lucky,” I looked down at my elbow, gently pulling off the dressing to reveal a 15 centimeter long slash across it. I delved into my rucksack, pulling out a bottle of orange liquid which I quickly splashed onto it “Shit,” I groaned as the lukewarm fluid stung. I reattached the dressing and flexed my arm gently “should keep away some of the more ordinary infections,” I looked back at Cancer, “looks like this is the second time I owe you. Gunna have to think of a way to repay you,” I winked and wandered over to a small gap in the window, It was dark and the where about 20 odd walkers stumbling round in the street. There was no way we were getting out tonight.

I looked back at the shop, trying to remember why it seemed so familiar. Suddenly it dawned on me, I used to work here. “we’re going to have to bed down for the night. There are too many of those freaks out there and to be honest I could do with a proper night sleep for once.” I looked at Cancer and realised what that meant. Sleeping with him, or at the very least in the same room as him. I blushed at looked away to search for the door that I knew lead to the upper floors.

The End

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