Sophia: First killMature

I closed my eyes $*!^ing hell, the first time I venture out on my own and I’m already going to become walker bait. No! I thought to myself I’m not going to become some walkers snack! I pulled back my bow and crept to the end of the ally  keeping to the shadows. I glanced out doing a quick count. 4 walkers. I ducked back in, there was no way I’d be able to get them all with the arrows, I wouldn’t be able to reload quick enough. I put my arrow back away and got out Cancers knife thinking back to what he’d taught me.

He motioned to the hand that held his knife a he demonstrated a proper grip for the knife. I soon caught on to the fact that I was supposed to replicate it. After a few attempts I managed it.

I readjusted my grip to how he’d taught me and stepped out of the ally to face the walkers. Their rotting faces turned to me and they extended their arms as if to give me a hug, only it would be the last hug I’d ever have I raised my knife in front of me waiting for the first to get close enough to me before I lunged forward.

"Time to spar, don't you think?" he smiled. Taking position in front of me.

I managed to catch the first one off guard getting it in the eye but the next one was ready for me. I pushed it to the ground, falling with it my forearm landing awkwardly across the dead thins throat cutting off what would be its windpipe if it had any need to breath. Pain shot up from my elbow, my first thought was please don’t let me have been bitten. I quickly dispatched of this one smashing the blade into the skull of the rotting corpse. Standing up quickly to face the last two walkers which had tripped whilst I was struggling with the freak on the floor. My heart was pounding in my ears as I watched the monsters struggling along the now blood soaked floor. I quickly reached down and stabbed them both in the head.

Shaking I stumbled away from the bodies falling to the floor and instantly throwing up. I leant up against a wall, no longer caring if I was spotted by one of them, my elbow stung and my head pounded.  I leant my head back and closed my eyes instantly and unintentionally drifting off into a fitful sleep.

The End

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