Sophia: TrappedMature

I watched as Luca ran off. Chris had just about managed to pull him off Scott and after a bit of a struggle Luca tore out of his grasp and left leaving myself and the others to deal with the mess.

I was now attending to Scotts wounds reluctantly. Personally I would have left him to suffer but any open wound was at risk of becoming infected if the person came across a walker and we didn’t want any more of those shambling round in the woods. Once I finished fixing him up I climbed back up to the tree house and began packing a bag. There was no way I was sticking around right now. Not only did I need some time out but I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to be here anymore, I couldn’t fight and I was stuck at a dead end with the virus. It was possible that Luca’s blood held the key but without a way to identify the chemicals in his blood stream I had no idea what I was doing I finished packing up my limited first aid kit and some long term food before climbing back down and collecting some hunting knives and my bow and arrows.

As I strapped the knives to my waist and calves Scott came over to me and caught my wrist, “what are you doing?” I said calmly

“what am I...? What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he asked disbelief clouding his voice, “you can’t be thinking of going after him? He’s a psycho Soph... he practically murdered me,”

“if I remember correctly it was you who threw the first punch,” I glared at him pulling out of his grip and stepping back towards the boundaries. “I don’t know if it’s him im going after or you I’m getting away from but right now I just need to be gone,” I turned my back on him as tears began to fall from his eyes and I ran.

To begin with I wasn’t sure where I was going but soon enough I broke through the edge of the trees and found myself back in town. I quickly dropped into a crouch, hiding in the shadows as a walker limped past me. $*!^ I clearly misjudged the number of these freaks in the town, I steadied my breath, waiting for my heart to slow back down. I quietly slid an arrow out of my quiver and attached it to the string of the bow keeping it ready to be used at a moment notice, and this time I would be ready, I would be able to use it. Because this time I had nothing to lose.

I slid out of the shadows and crept along the street, keeping an eye out for walkers. I still wasn’t really sure of where I was going but I felt better for being out and away from the claustrophobia of the camp.

I jumped into an ally as I heard the sound of shuffling just beyond the corner. I kept my back pressed against the wall and held my breath, scared that even the sound of my breathing would attract it’s attention. The shuffling stopped and another set of feet started from the other side...2....3....4 sets of feet moving just outside the entrance to the ally.... I was trapped.

The End

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