Sophia: The catalystMature

I smiled as his soft tanned hand covered mine. I leant into him slightly, his body heat washing away the chill on the air leaving me calm. He was soon to respond as he places his arm across my shoulders making it seem completely natural. I smirked at an earlier commen he made about nerds not being his usual crowd, "so us nerds aren't all bad then?" I teased.

"some of you are very pretty," he responded, I could feel the meaning behind the comment as I looked up at him and smiled "yeah? How pretty?"

"this pretty," he leant in and pressed his lips against mine, no hesitation. But before I had a chance to respond Scott stormed over and thew Cancer to the floor.

 I froze as Cancer wasted no time in jumping to his feet and squaring up to Scott. "what the %*!^ do you think you're doing?" Scott shouted, anger laced in his voice.

 "what the fuck does it look like?" Cancer balled his fists preparing for a fight, almost eager for one.

"that is my girlfriend, shes does not want to be touched my your filthy hands," Scott threw back at him, clearly edging for an excuse to hit Cancer.

"I dunno, mate, she seemed pretty willing to me" he smirked, almost thrilled to see Scott upset. Scott looked over at me hurt filling his eyes as he realised I couldn't deny it, the look on his face driving a stab of guilt through me as I thought of just how willing I had been. The guilt however was soon replaced with terror as those same eyes that had once looked at me with love as hope filled with rage.

Scott swung round and landed one deft fist against Cancers jaw causing Cancer to stagger back slightly before recovering and easily returning the action. Soon enough both Scott and Cancer ended up on the floor throwing punches at each other with no sense of self preservation, particularly on Cancers side as he seemed almost enjoying the chance.

Eventually I was able to find my voice as the others ran over to see what was going on. I shouted for them to stop as blood began flowing freely from their noses and lips. The worst part? Knowing that I had been the one to cause this, after swearing to myself that I wouldn't do anything to divide the group and yet I had become the catalyst.

The End

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