Luca: NerdsMature

“I should’ve hung around with the nerds more often,” I chuckled, “I might’ve known a bit more chemistry to impress you with.” Y’know. Beyond how to make drugs. As useful as that is to me.

She smiled, "what makes you say it's chemistry that would have impressed me?" I gestured at the lab, wondering if I’d gotten it wrong. She gave a shrug, “I was more a biology geek but yeah I guess chem. is still pretty cool. What was your thing?" Huh. I was close, right?

"You could say that,” I muttered and she nodded.

“The drugs?” she asked tentatively, chowing down on her lip like it was her last meal, the uncertainty written all over her face. I knew she didn’t like it, but unfortunately for her, it was a big part of the last decade of my life.

"Yeah. I always preferred music, though."

That brought the smile back to her face, and I was determined to keep it there. Putting her off me wouldn’t get me anywhere. "I used to play guitar, I keep looking for one when we make runs but I can’t find one"

“I'll get you one, if you want, next time you go?" I offered.

A genuine smile lifted her lips. I don’t think I’ve seen a smile like that in a long time. I don’t think she’s had reason to smile like that, either. "You know where to find one?"

"We're not too far from where I used to live. Mine might still be there, if it didn't get broken," I said thoughtfully. I hope it didn’t get too badly damaged. I fucking loved that guitar. Suddenly Sophia’s arms were around me in a tight, brief hug. I just sort of smiled, caught off guard by it.

She pulled away swiftly, her cheeks darkening. “Thanks, that would be amazing.”

"If it's not there, I'll raid a music shop, see what I can find."

She was still grinning, “well I'll tag along, I need some more chemicals and food."

"When are you next going?"

"Probably tomorrow, we left it pretty late with all the walkers around but I reckon we'll be safe tomorrow,” she told me. I noticed she’d closed the gap between us a little more and had edged so close to me that we were only a couple inches apart. Making sure I didn’t make it obvious I’d seen, I stayed relaxed, sort of spread out over my little patch, replying easily.

“Sounds good.” I was itching for a decent fight with some zombies. Picking them off one by one was fucking boring. It’s not like I had much entertainment to go with these days. That said, winding Scott up was turning into a good sport. Sophia’s hand brushed against my leg, the contact almost making me look down as I reminded myself to play it cool. She was falling for it, and acting all eager might just push her away. Last thing I – and certain parts of me – wanted.

I looked down as she touched me again, though, her hand resting on my thigh gently, completely on purpose. She didn’t move her hand, smiling at me as she met my gaze again. I returned it warmly, covering her hand with mine. 

The End

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