Sophia: what about me?Mature

Me? The question drew me up short, since the start of all this there hadn't really been much time to look back at my past. But then I guess I didn't really want to a lot of the time. "I uh... What do you want to know?"

"I dunno. What you used to do, what you wanted to be"

I took a deep breath giving myself a chance to think it through. "not much really, I mean I was the science geek at college. Back home I had mum and dad and..." I hesitated, even after a year it was hard to talk about her "and my little sister. A lot of friends... We always use to joke about the whole zombie thing, how we'd survive. I don't even know if any of the others survived" I set up Cancers blood to put under the microscope, taking a tiny amount and putting it on the slide.

"Well you've managed," he smiled reassuringly, putting me at ease more, "if you were the geeks that planned for this kind of thing they probably survived too"

"I guess. I'd hope so." I smiled back at him, gradually feeling more relaxed around him. I don't know what it was but he made the whole crazy world seem a bit more sane. "it's unlikely we'd ever see them, their idea was always to take to the sea, get a boat and live out there. And yes" I laughed at past memories of our plans and roles we'd set ourselves in "we were very much the geeks that planned for this,"

Cancer went quiet for a second. "Funny how life throws people together. No offence, but you're not the sort of person I'd have had anything to do with if it weren't for the zombies."

I smirked to myself "yeah?" I looked back at him, lounged out in the chair, he almost looked like he was on holiday "to intimidated?" He laughed at me, the smile lighting up his face "If it makes you feel better."

"well if it helps, you're not exactly the first person I'd pick to hang with,"

 "Like I said. Funny how life throws people together" he repeated I smiled at him, meeting his gaze feeling the heat spread across my cheeks. He held my gaze and the intensity rose between us.

The End

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