Sophia: Training?Mature

I followed him into the woods, keeping close by. Unlike usual though, I wasn't keeping an eye put for walkers, instead Cancer held my gaze, his confident stride as he gets deeper into the woods. It took me a moment to realise he'd come to a stop and I very nearly walked into him as he turned back to face me.

 He motioned to the hand that held his knife a he demonstrated a proper grip for the knife. I soon caught on to the fact that I was supposed to replicate it. After a few attempts I managed it. It didn't take long to notice how close he had gotten as we worked through the use of the machete and thoughts of this soon clouded my mind.

I readjusted my grip so it was slightly off and again took position. Noticing this he moved round to behind me and placed his hand over mine to make it back. His hand was warm and smooth, his touch gentle as he guided my grip back into the right place. I involuntarily leaned back against him, part of my mind screaming at me that this was wrong and that I should be focusing on my surroundings and what about Scott? But that part was quickly quietened as I looked up at Cancer, to make sure that I had read his signals correctly, only to see him looking back at me smiling.

I turned to face him returning his smile with one of my own biting my lip seductively. He appeared to quickly regain his composure and try to return focus to the task at hand but we both knew exactly what the other wanted. After a few more minutes he moved away and sheathed his blade "Time to spar, don't you think?" he smiled. Taking position in from of me, I tried to hide my disappointment at the sudden distance between us.

"Uh... Yeah I guess," I followed his lead and put my blade away, attempting to gather my thoughts when suddenly Cancer lunged at me throwing us both to the ground. "I wasn't ready," I complained, at the same time becoming aware of how close we now were and how far from camp we had come. "a walker won't wait for you to be ready," he smirked, pinning me to the ground and pressing himself against me. Before I knew it I reached up and pressed my lips against his, my mind going completely blank. He eagerly returned the advance. My mind was completely filled with this one moment until ont tiny thought escaped and pushed through the void. Scott.

I pulled back and realised what I was doing. In one explosive push I threw him off me and lept up. Running back to camp. The entire world had gone to hell and I was getting caught up in the one thing that could get us all killed.

The End

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