Luca: Let's go hunting.Mature

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that chick just flirted with me. I hadn’t even bothered to ask her name, but that didn’t seem to stop her. It didn’t calm me down, as such, but I’ve never been one to turn down an opportunity to get in someone’s pants before.

I followed her over to the make shift kitchen after a while, smiling as she greeted me with a “hey”. She chewed on her lip, turning back to what she was making, not really paying attention to what Scott was saying. I couldn’t help but smirk a little. It didn’t take a genius to guess their relationship wasn’t exactly what you would call solid, and I was distracting her just by standing here. I offered to help out with the dinner and almost danced when Scott muttered something about having stuff to do. He flashed me a glare as he left. I’d deal with him later on.

“Sorry about him, he’s a bit... defensive at the moment,” she said when he was out of earshot. That was defensive? Seemed like he just didn’t want any competition, to me.

"He’s the one you said was your boyfriend, right?"  I asked, sitting down next to her.

"Yeah... We started dating about a week before this mess broke out. I guess it just seemed logical to stay by him,” she replied, handing me something that I s’pose was meant to pass as food to cut up. Leaves aren’t food. I unstrapped my hunting knife, about to cut them with that, but the chick stopped me. “Whoa,” she said, "we use these knives for food. Can't risk cross contamination," she handed me a kitchen knife, smiling slightly. 

"Never done me any harm before," I muttered, sheathing my knife again and picking up the one I’d been given anyway.

"Last time I heard that, the person ended up with a 195 degree temperature and eventually a bullet in the brain,” she shot me a discreet glance that I pretended not to notice as I laughed. She ignored the laughter, staying serious. "We prefer to take stricter precautions now,” she carried on, pulling the cooked rabbits off the heat and started pulling them apart, not seeming too fussed about the heat.

"So how long have you been in this little group together?"

"Together, since the beginning. There were more of us but...” she trailed off, not needing to finish that sentence. "We’ve been here only for a few months; we built it a long time ago, just for a bit of fun." She shrugged, "now I guess it's the closest thing to home we have left," she looked up, watching the others doing their own thing.

"At least you're in your own country. I'm trapped here for... however long it takes for air travel to exist again,” I muttered, just a little bitterly. I missed Nevada, even if it was just a desert filled with casinos. It was home. She looked over at me, looking like she was trying to read my emotions, but I wasn’t about to let on what I had going on in my head to her. I pulled up the blank walls in my head and made it shut up as much as I could.

"I suppose, but it doesn't really matter anymore, every where’s the same."

“I know,” I sighed. I’d tried to get out of the country when the outbreak first hit the news as a serious thing, but by then it was too late. I wasn’t allowed anywhere in case of contamination – not that it mattered, it’d already fucking spread.

“Sorry,” she chewed on her lip. "Thanks by the way, for saving me. I know I said I could have handled it... But I froze, I know I did.” I shrugged it off as nothing, changing the topic. As much as I’d love to berate her for being useless enough to endanger us and her whole camp, I figured that wasn’t gonna win me any points at all.

"What's your name anyway? I never asked."

"Sophia," she replied. At least I had a name to a face, now.

"I hope you last longer than my last companion," I said, flashing her my best smile.

"So do I,” she laughs, "m-maybe you could... I dunno... tutor me? You know in case something like that happens again?" she looked nervous as she asked. There was my chance to get her away from the camp a bit. Or at least away from her boyfriend.

"Sure," I nodded, playing dumb. You think I was gonna let on that I knew exactly what we both wanted? "You'll probably find a hand weapon better than that bow and arrow."

She looked over at her weapon doubtfully. "I've only ever used them, and of you'd actually seen me shoot with them you'd see how good I am," she motioned at the rabbits. "The walker just freaked me. But I guess you know better," she smiled.

"Rabbits are hardly a threat. You won't freeze up when you're hunting those, but you froze up when that walker got close to you. If you're scared, it's better to have something that doesn't require any real skill." That said, a lot of people have died doing even that, but I’m sure if she’s survived this long, she can manage to hack and slash enough to keep herself safe. She nodded.

“I see. Well, if you want we can start now?" she suggested, putting all the cut up ingredients in a big cooking pot sat over the fire pit. I grinned crookedly at her when she turned back to me. Pulling up the leg of my jeans, I unstrapped my machete, tossing it over to her. She stuck a hand out and caught it easily. So she wasn’t completely useless, then, just when a zombie got too close.

She admired the blade for a moment before shifting her gaze back to me: “Let’s go hunting.”

The End

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