Sophia:Not in the middle of the $*&^ing apocalypseMature

I sighed and stepped in front of him. "and where are you going to go? the woods are swamped with walkers," I gently placed my hand on his arm "look just stick around for a bit see how things go?" I looked up at him and smiled slightly "if you still don’t like it hen take off, but it'll be good to have some more people out here," I stepped back and left the door free. "it's your choice,"

 I stepped outside and took a deep breath and suddenly my thoughts bombarded me, What the hell were you thinking? Flirting with him just to get him to stay, what about Scott? I closed my eyes trying to shut it out, but honestly what was I thinking? ok so he saved my ass but we don’t need him anymore. It's just another mouth to feed and we hardly have enough food for who was here. We can make some more runs when the walkers bugger off, plus it'll be good to have an extra pair of eyes around. I attempted to reason with myself.

 I walked over to the area we called a Kitchen. Really it was nothing more than a hole in the ground where we had a small fire. I lit it and began gathering things together to cook a meal getting dead animals that I'd managed to catch from previous hunts and preparing them.

 "hey," I jumped as a familiar voice came from behind me.

 "hey Scott, everything ok?" I faked a smile in an attempt to cover up the hole of guilt that had promptly burst forth at his appearance.

 "yeh," He smiled back, none the wiser "I'm not sure I'm particularly keen on this new guy you've bought back. What did he say his name was?"

 I shrugged, "he said to call him Cancer, and to be honest Scott, he saved my life. I
was about to become a walker's lunch and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn't have come back. He'll be good for the group, another set of eyes can’t hurt." I looked up at the sudden movement and watched as.... Cancer... walked across to the eating area. I sighed mixed emotions flooding through me. I didn't need this.. especially not in the middle of the $*&^ing apocalypse.

The End

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