Sophia: $*^&ing DumbassMature

I stumbled back through the woodland towards camp with the idiot behind me nudging me with hisgun. What did he think he was doing shooting off in the middle of the woods surrounded by walkers, didn’t he realise that the gun shots would draw their attention we ran back to camp, stumbling over roots and stones before finally breaking into the clearing.

I ran up to the base of the tree with the tree house that Scott and I lived in. “Scott?” I shouted up the tree as the new guy came up behind me.

“interesting setup you’ve got here,” He looked around

“hey Scott get your butt out here,” I heard a stirring from the house as he finally got out of bed and came downstairs.” we have an issue, I pointed to the new guy, “he decided it would be smart to use a gun,”

“what the hell?” Scott stormed over to the guy “what did you think you were doing? You’re going to have every walker coming this way,”

“hey cool off mate, I saved your girl over there. she was about to become a walker snack,” he retorted.

“look we don’t have time to argue, we’ll deal with anything later.” I got in between them, “we need to get some bleach down around the area, should cover up our scents enough for the walkers no to be able to notice us eventually they should get bored and wander off, meanwhile we sit tight.”

By this time our two friends Chris and AJ had climbed down from their tree house and joined us. “hey, what’s up?” AJ came bounding over to me “who’s this guy?” she looked over at the new guy... I really ought to get his name I thought to myself.

“he helped me out in the woods. Downside is he used his gun and now half the walkers in the city are heading this way.” I glared over at him “did you get that bleach I asked for on your last run?”

“yeah sure,” She jogged over to an area we had cleared for keeping anything hazardous, mostly it was my equipment for my attempts and creating a cure, she bought back 10 two liter bottles of bleach which I quickly distributed amongst the group. “we need to cover as much area around us as possible. Once your done get back in here and sit tight. We’ll probably need to wait a few hours before we can head out again.” I sighed as everyone got moving, everyone except the new guy. “hey, thanks for helping me back there.” I smiled slightly “I didn’t catch your name,”

The End

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