Luca: where're they all coming from?Mature

I'd... lost that guy I was with. By lost, I mean we got ambushed by a couple of deadbeats wandering around looking for fresh meat. They got a chunk out of that guy's arm and I'd shot him dead right there and then. No mercy is the best policy, these days.

I'd managed to keep out of their way, since. I was better off on my own, until I needed to sleep. There was a walking corpse nearby, I knew, and it seemed to have smelt something that wasn't me. I followed it as closely as I dared, trying to find out whether it'd stumbled across an unfortunate fox, or another human. It wasn't wandering aimlessly the way they usually do.

Turned out the thing was going for some chick with a bow and arrow. "You going to get that creep or do you want me to?" I grunted, coming up behind her when I saw she'd frozen solid. she didn't move, so I stabbed the fucker in the head, taking a sick sort of satisfaction as it twitched and jerked violently as its skull gave way and caved in on its rotten brains. Pulling the knife back made it drop to the floor, dead once and for all, this time around.

My smile worried her a bit, I think. "You out here all alone?" I asked, eyeing her 'weapon'. How was she still alive? She nearly got turned into zombie burger, and would've done if I'd not decided to follow that particular one.

"No," she replied shakily.

"Who're you with?"

"My boyfriend and a couple others."

"Where are they? You'd be better off staying with them, if that's how you fight," I chuckled, but my laughter was cut short. I glanced around. I could've sworn I heard another one coming. Over there. For fuck's sake. "Where're they all coming from?" I cursed to no one in particular, seeing one pass by, and another lumbing towards us. I pulled my gun from the waist band of my jeans, aiming at the one making a break for us. With a familiar bang, and a thud, the body dropped to the floor, blood pumping pathetically out of its neck. I moved closer and shot again, through the top of its head. The other zombie that had been circling in the trees was gone. That wasn't going to be good news.

I'd lost my silencer a while ago; it wouldn't be long before they figured out we were here. "Move," I snapped, pushing the chick forward, trying to get her to go back to wherever it was she was hiding out. She stumbled and squeaked as I nudged her shoulder with the barrel of my gun. "I don't have to save your ass, y'know. Move your pretty little ass and you might just live," I growled, watching the trees. I've about had enough of this shitty apocalypse. Zombies and people be damned. 

The End

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