"soph...?" a bleary half asleep voice came from inside as my boyfriend finally awoke. One thing that never changed was his ability to sleep through anything.

"hey, I'm outside," I called not bothering to move. I felt his body heat as he came and sat next to me on our makeshift balcony, "bad dreams again?"

"dream.." I nodded, always the one. I sighed and stood up, no way was I in the mood to talk about it. "I'm going to scout out the perimeters, can you make breakfast?" by breakfast I meant the usual rice and baked beans as they were the only things that actually keeps for any length of time. Scott nodded and began gathering things whilst I climbed down the rope ladder with my bow and supply of home made arrows strapped to my back. I sighed, 'yeh sure I'll scout out the perimeter, when was the last time I actually managed to kill one of those things? Oh yeh never...' I caught myself, fantastic, now I was even arguing with myself, just what I needed.

A twig snapped to my right and I wasted no time in slotting an arrow into my bow string and taking aim. I stood still, waiting for any further sign of movement. It wasn't common for a walker to venture this far away from the city but it also wasn't unheard of. A quiet shuffle of leaves alerted me to the position of whatever it was hiding in the bush but I still held steady just in the hope that it was another living human. I waited... Suddenly a loud moan and a jerk forward proved to me that it was indeed a walker as the rotting corpse stumbled out of the undergrowth $*&% I thought to myself as a white mouldering fleshy hand extended towards me. I froze, completely unable to move as the corpse shuffled closer, it's mouth open in a silent scream. I closed my eyes terrified and unable to move or make a noise.

A second later a soft thump came from beside me. "you going to get that creep or do you want me to?" I looked up to see a stranger standing next to me, a living human. I was to surprised to answer and I just watched as he shrugged and stabbed the walker in the head. My only thought was, 'well this is interesting'

The End

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