The startMature

So it starts off with a few freak storied on the news, then over a few days it escalates and takes over the population of the UK, not long after the rest of the world. And now only a few human survive in a world of monsters....

“Tammy?” I laughed running through the house. I was playing hide and seek with my little sister and it was my turn to seek. I looked everywhere unsure of where else she could have hidden. Suddenly an idea dawned on me. The toy chest in the spare room, although too small for me could easily fit a 7 year old. I ran upstairs and threw open the door to the spare room. “now where could she have gone?” I said, over loud to make sure she could hear. I crept up to the toy chest in an attempt to make her jump. “she couldn’t possibly be in the toy chest could she?” I threw open the lid to see my sister curled up in the chest, “found you,” I laughed. No response. “Tammy?” I smirked, “come on Tammy. I found you,” Still no response, my heart started beating fast. Something was wrong. I lifted my sisters body out of the chest and laid her down on the floor. Her skin was cold and had a slight blue tinge. “Tammy?” I began panicking. I shook her lifeless body, her limbs flopped around and her head lolled. I vaguely remember a door slamming downstairs and my parents running upstairs to see me crying next to my sisters body. After that it was just a blur of people in uniform. The most clear part came a few days after. The part where Tammy’s corpse picked itself up off the morticians slab at the morgue. The part where the dead walked again.

I woke up suddenly in a cold sweat. The same dream had been replaying every night, Tammy’s lifeless eyes still stared at me a year later every time I went to sleep.

I crawled out of my makeshift bed and climbed down the old tree house I had made with my boyfriend and two of our best friends a few years earlier. It was out in the middle of a woods and was a perfect shelter and hiding place from the monsters that now inhabited the earth.

No one understood what had happened. It started off as a few freak stories on the news, then like a sudden tidal wave it swept the UK, people getting infected and dying and then coming back... Only they didn’t, something controlling their minds did and they were monsters that went for you, tore you apart and devoured you. Not long after that, it took over the world.

Mum and Dad didn’t want to believe that of Tammy, but I knew. When they found out she’s come back they went straight to her and they didn’t come back, later on that day I found out that the hospital had become over run. That’s when I packed up and ran, I was 17, Just passed my driving test. The first place I went to was my boyfriend, like the geeks we were we always planned for the apocalypse and as I’d thought he was packed and ready to go which his brother and parents. To begin with we just moved around, picked up friends, moved around. Then he lost his family and it was just us. We went back to his home, back to the tree house, but he was never the same.

The End

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