It's a Talking Trash Can?

"Hey you! Yeah, you!" James and company slowly turned towards...nothing. Nothing but a trash can and a dark, suspicious alleyway. Alyson, being the manliest of the bunch, walked over to the trash can, kicked it to the ground with a loud CLANG, and yelled,"WHO'S THERE?!"

"Ow!" cried the disembodied voice. All three teenagers jumped. James, being the wimpiest of the group, jumped into Alyson's manly arms. Alyson promptly dumped him onto the ground and turned to Mia.

"Mia, I think we're being followed," Alyson stated and stepped on top of James to pick up the fallen trash can. Once up, the trash can smiled at her and reached out a hand in an attempt to help James up.

Will Alyson slap the trash can? Will James be crushed by her weight? Will Mia ever have a big part? The world may never know.

The End

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