With the help of his close friends James goes on to discover the hidden secrets of Yuism that have been coveted for years by hidden Monks.

His name was James. He had no last name but that's okay because he is James. James here will be our hero in this epic tale. Our egotistical protagonist.

Everyone denied James's awesomeness. James was aware of his awesomeness so he set out on a quest to discover something new that would prove his awesomeness. James gathered his friends and dragged them along on what he thought would be the journey of a lifetime.

Mia and Alyson were the names of the two girls who were taken on this trip. They were unamused by his antics.

Perhaps James took his crew to an airship. But they end up stealing that airship to use as transportation for their trip? Or maybe James ran in to a trash can that can speak? However you want it you get it, because James is on his way to discovering something big!

The End

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