More coming!

"Can't trust something you can't see"

"Darkness isn't a thing to be feared..... Its the things that can be in it that cause the fear"

"Don't assume it makes an ass of us all"

"You should never stop reaching for that last sweet on the top shelf.... Someday you might just get it"

"'I aim high'... 'Aim higher then cause you don't seem to be getting anywhere'"

"'Wants some candy?'.... 'Yes please!'..... 'Too bad ate the last one while you were talking'"

"'I saved the planet'.... 'I hardly call doing one can saving the planet maybe you should do it more often...... 'No sorry I'm tired'"

"I hate you'.... 'When did you figure that out"

Lol, I do just randomly come up with these its very fun.

The End

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