Well, a couple

"Don't think you're smarter than me,  _____." or "_______, don't think you're smarter than I am."

The _____ is the person's name and it has to be there or else the quote just doesn't work.  This isn't my quote, it's my friend Robert's and I got it from him when I was with him in the Yukon last Spring.

It's a good quote because it is so damned funny to say.  You never use this quote seriously -- in fact, he'd often stop me mid story, when the line was absolutely out of context  and in a voice rife with sincerity and full of conviction,  hold out his hand as if he were stopping traffic, and say, "Trevor, don't think you're smarter than I am."  And then, of course, the topper has to be a look that's emphasizing, as long as we have that clear.

And then, I'd laugh, and he'd laugh, and for probably two months we said that to everyone we came into contact with, friends, store clerks, relatives, on msn...everywhere.   Now, I use it when someone corrects me, and I've been proven wrong...

"Trevor, you're trying to light the BBQ with a pen"

"______, don't think you're smarter than me"

For me, it's about good natured comedy, and laughing at arrogance.

"The hooker never takes advice from the pickpocket."

This one, I see all the time, and the quote, mine, is people, especially friends, who are too proud to take advice from one another, as for some insecure reason, they feel that accepting help or advice from them, they are acknowledging in some sick fashion that they're lower than them.  In fact, they may as well sincerely rebuke their friend for "trying to be smarter than they are"

"Once you realize you've achieved wisdom, it's time to start over" 

Those are my words, but I'm not vain enough to think the concept is mine or that it hasn't been said in many different ways by a million people, all smarter than I am.  It's a buddhist notion, I think primarily, but it's my personal reminder that I'll never stop learning, that everyone can teach me something, and there is no fault of mine I should ever accept by saying to the world, "Well, that's just who I am."

I see people all the time brag about how their loved ones know how to stay out of their way when they get into a certain mood, for instance, because X "knows that when my temper gets going, they better just stay clear."

I'm not convinced that anyone should ever have to put up with a character flaw I refuse to take ownership for.

The End

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