a few thoughts

Whenever I think deeply about something, I cannot leave it be until I have encapsulated the meaning within a single sentence. I used to record these single sentences, but the book got too long. So I'll just pick a few thoughts:


Be not an expert, but an artist; an expert pretends to be perfect while an artist forever grows.

Life is a masterpiece, and you the artist. Your mind may design the sketch, but only the spirit may apply the color.

Do not fear effort. To truly live, you must put yourself into all that you do. That is effort.

Every movement you make is practice for anything that requires movement.

Humility is home. Confidence is living abroad. Make the world your home.

The only failure is giving up. And those who have given up do not have the right to say it is impossible. Therefore it is possible.

You cannot control your body by teaching it how to work. But you may free your body by learning how it works.

The air within your lungs is a part of you just as the rich forest air is a part of all nature. And yet it is all the same air.

Every step you take is a connection with the earth.

To truly understand something, you must let it change you.

Time is just a scientific measurement. Moments are what we live.

Stretching the limits is a fight. Letting go of the limits is an art form.

Do not fight your flaws as if it is strength that you lack,
Just let go of all the crap that holds you back.

Let nature be your mentor for nurturing love.

The mind is the atmosphere to your soul,
Clear skies give you a view of the infinite,
And clouds of thoughts, though they filter the sun,
Nurture the soul with rain.

Imagine how easy a challenge could be overcome if all of you was taking part.

Reason is a tool of the mind. Happiness is a state of the soul. Why then must you have a reason to be happy?

Metaphors connect the dots in life so that you can see the big picture. Do you see what I mean?


This is a really cool idea! I hope to get around to reading all of the others.

The End

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