A few quotes from my dad:

"No matter what you think of some of a friend's behaviours, and they of yours, you can still be friends. No matter what."

"If everyone else is jumping off of a bridge, will you?"

"Do what I tell you to do, not what I do myself. No, don't lick the steak knife."

"All poems, no matter what your friends say, are about the fall of man. Any poem is like an onion, if you peel away the layers, it's about the fall of man."


And, though it isn't very profound nor even all that funny, this shows what comes of writing so much:

A friend was dropping off a cake for my dad. She said, "Don't let your dad eat all of the cake!" I replied,

"Don't worry. I'll make sure it isn't my dad who eats all of the cake."


And some quotes of my own:

"What did you say? Sorry, I'm reading."

"I could make do in a weather-beaten old shack miles from civilization, as long as I would have a computer and wireless internet."

"Don't tell me I don't pay attention! I pay every attention in my power to my inner thoughts about theoretical physics and the universe. Now, what are we doing again?"

A friend of mine told another friend of mine, for whatever reason, that I have another, secret, identity. I replied proudly, "It's not secret. I'm GoldenLilac."


And lastly, a quote from my mom, who said with a laugh after I spoke something like the above,

"You could solve the world's problems, but you probably wouldn't remember to put gas in your car to get there."

The End

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