Cazoe on Aging

As a person grows older they often feel that they have lost their identity and become just another old codger. Some may describe them selves as being past their use -by -date.  For many reasons I believe that this is due to way society treats them.  Age is not glamerous - it is debilitating and humiliating, just ask anyone who is incontinent. They do not become like children or have a second childhood (unless they choose too.)

Older people may become a little forgetful but that does not make them senile.

Here are my thoughts - quotes - whatsits on aging (if any of them are plagarised. err stolen, I appologise - it must be my advancing years and senility : ) )

  • Ageism is alive and well in the 21st century
  • Older people are the same as younger people - they just have more experience
  • I didn't appreciate my mum until I was one
  • My children wont understand me until they have some
  • I may look 50 but inside I am still 24
  • We need to remember that older people need to be treated as whole people - they are the same as you and me - they ran round in bare feet - got into trouble - had their first day at school - fell and skinned their knees - fell in love - had a broken heart, or two - first kiss - first job - first car - got married - first sexual experience - had children - faced fears - problems - physical and emotional pain - faced grief . ...

Truely, I am not old, or elderly yet, nor as my grandaughter would tell you, ancient.  Though I suppose that at 6 - fifty must seem positively antiquated.

Thank you - I will now fall gracefully from my soap box.

The End

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