Not very profound things that have been said in my company.

*walking home from school*

Me- "I'm chilly..."

Alli- "I'm Hungary, pleased to meet you."

*in graphic communication, about a suggestive drawing of a mouse*

Teacher- "Well, I know it looks weird, but in your exam, it might..."

Me- "Come up, sir?"

*an angry rant about an arrogant person*

Me- "Yes, and let's see how useful music comes in when you're sitting on the street begging for spare change from people like us who are infinitely more smart, successful, funny and clever than you." 

*my friend acting...weird*

Eve- "Where's my chinchilla?!"

Me- "So, you mean chihuahua?"

Eve- *dammit*

*at rugby training*

Senior 1- "Why don't you play rugby any more, Senior 2?"

Me- "Because he's lazy?"

Senior 2- "I'll have you know I can still play ninety minutes!"


Senior 1- "Ninety minutes?"

YES, a random collection of not-profound moments that made me laugh :)

The End

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