More from Del ...

"I READ YOUR T-SHIRT. That's enough social interaction for today." - T Shirt.

"<BODY> " - T Shirt (On the back, it says, "</BODY>")

"<HEAD> " - Hat. (On the back, it says, "/HEAD>")

"HTML stands for Horribly Time-Consuming Mechanical Lunacy, in my opinion. I only figured out it existed about a month ago" - Spook.

"I'm not mad. I'm differently sane."

"I'll dye my petticoats, I'll dye them red, and round the world I'll beg my bread, until my parents should wish me dead" - Suil a Ruin (Clannad)

"...Everyone says I'm a nutter ... What, you mean they didn't already say that?" - Spook and I.

"Likely someone will get lost in the icing, or worse, in the filling! Gosh I hope it’s not raspberry this time." - Spook.

I had more!!

I just can't remember them.

The End

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