The Nerdiness of the Irish Pianist

I've found that the universe somehow manages to work, even if we can't understand squat.  Deciding to apply the universe's physical  thought process to life, I declared:

"Why think logically when you can take physics??"

I am in no way a sports-oriented person.  At my first live football game, in a fit of all-consuming geekiness, when someone kicked the ball, I cried out:

"It's a parabola!  It's a parabola!"

This afternoon, as my friend and I caught sight of a box:

g2- "I like boxes."
friend- "I do too."
g2- "Very angular."
friend- "Indeed, boxes do that.  A sort of ninty degrees..."
g2- "They're rather complementary, if you will."

I couldn't resist.  I had the opportunity to take advantage of geometric vocabulary.  You simply cannot pass up such an opportunity.

They're not particularly philisophical or insightful, but it gives a glimpse to my nerdy side.

The End

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