The Quotes From My Brain

"And she's the girl who gives the best hugs because she knows what it feels like to be dropped when you need arms to catch you."

"Sometimes you feel like a word in a dictionary; unless you're first, you don't mean much, and sometimes you feel like a word on a blank page; you speak louder than anything else, no matter how small."

"Kill me while I'm still alive."

"I can't trust you or anyone. Not after you count how many daggers I can pull from my back."

"It's not a one-sided fight. It never is."

"If I had to list all the reasons I love you, the paper would have to cover the world."

"The thing about love is that it is so hard to prove, you could be lying about it, and no one would know."

"Art isn't a something, it's how you feel. It doesn't have to be anything."

"Life isn't one of those games that you can watch and understand; you have to play and lose a few times before you win."

"No book is published blank."

"Every right choice has a consequence."

"Dives off the deep ends are ones that hurt the most, but make you feel the best."

"Sometimes reading what you wrote makes me the happiest person in the world. Even if it's a goodbye."

"The higher you are, the further you have to fall."

"There are some people who write like it's a disease that can no longer be controlled. Those are the people you should fear, for they have a power that not many people can harness, and can alter the path of everone's lives foerever."

"Life is in black and white. We just determine if we want to draw stick people or the Paris skyline at night."

"If I had to show you how much I love you, we'd have to go to space, because you mean the world to me."

"And in the coal you'll find the one diamond that makes it all worth it."

"Pretending is just as hard as believing."

"My voice has been ripped from me. I am on a quest to find it and sew it back in."

"No one ever knows the whole story. They just know enough to know the fake you that you want to show the world."

"And she gets up off her knees, wipes the blood from her nose with her broken fist, and whispers with a smirk, 'You won't be able to break this girl.'"

These are all quotes that I have created myself. They all have a meaning and a story behind them.

The End

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