Chimera's quotes of strangness

" You sir are a ________ "insert any noun I perfur fruitcake or idiot

" I got tired of slaying dragons , so I went back to my exciting desk life."

" Live life to the point of complete satisfaction your not gonna ever relive that day agian right?"

" If you gonna steal that cookie. Are you prepared of the many consequence that will follow afterwards such as it bearing down on you concients that you stole the cookie?"

" If your going to make a video make sure you would enjoy watching it."

" Okay what can I lose here?"

" I don't hate people I just severely dislike them."

" I'm annoying , then you should see me when I'm trying to be annoying."

People who say I think I have esp here is my response " Congratulations on being a extra special pervert."

" Cookies." , " Ingsmut." , " Imma gonna eatcha." 

" Bookshelves have beautiful curves!"  0_o

well I hope you like em!


The End

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