Grandiose, Anyone?

Once we returned from the sandy paradise of what I briefly remembered as Hawaii, I stepped grandly onto the wooden dock-boards, and surveyed the ocean’s gleam and the fluffy-sanded beach that lay before it. The members of our band unsteadily disembarked the boat, rubbing their eyes at the sun high above, most of them as though they had been cast into a deep slumber for over a year. Next, they began to settle into places on the beach, checking their valuables and generally chatting to whomever happened to pass their way. Not being a good judge of sunlight, I could not tell what the time was, but I knew that the daylight would be with us for a great while longer yet.

I watched as Hummingbird, having stood up from her place on the shore-line, marched off into the busy streets of our medium-sized town. I worried for her a little, alone in a place in which busy cars screamed along at many more miles per hour than they probably should have, and in which thieves and beggars lurked around every corner, waiting for the easy young girls to trick.

Wondering where it was that she was so doggedly determined to head to, I was struck by an idea. Even the tooting salutations of the boat could not distract me from what I knew, now, as my purpose on this holiday/trip/mission. (I resolved to pick one of the three at a later date).

“Hey, guys,” I called to the small group milling around the beach, including Ellie, Spook, and Bernard, “I’m getting some people together and we shall all go into town to do some shopping. What do you think?” (A cheer rose from the gathered). “Great! Now grab your various bits and bobs, and follow me!”

Was it just me, or had that boat ride increased my vocabulary and confidence and use of archaic terminology? Surely not! But it did seem that I could now quote a fair amount of Greek and Latin phrases, and metaphors were picked from a hat like the proverbial rabbit.

As I turned, and began to lead the others away from their fantasy paradise ideas, and into something of an urban break, I spotted the girl from whom I had lifted the whole idea. I broke into a steady jog, hoping that I wasn’t leaving anybody behind, as I felt their pace increase too, and I eventually caught up with a flustered Hummingbird.

“Hey,” I remarked, “are you okay? Do you wanna join us? We’re gonna go into the heart of town and do some shopping. I’m hoping it’ll be a fun break of sorts, seeing as the island-holiday didn’t go too superbly.”

The End

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