I awoke to the sounds of swell washing against old wood, and a buzzing noise in my left pocket.

Moonlight filtered through the deck into the small rope compartment in which I lay. I watched bemusedly as my hand swatted to stop the buzzing noise in my pocket - seemingly of its own accord.

"Phone..." I groaned in comprehension. 

I stabbed at the green answer button clumsily before letting my hand (with phone) fall back to my ear; mumbling a greeting, "y'ello?" 

"Benjamin!" answered a worried voice from the other end.


"Don't be silly, it's your mother."

"Oh." Mum's the only person who ever calls me Benjamin.

"I've just seen you on the news! Hawaii?! How'd you get there? When are you coming home? Have you been eating enough? You're not talking to girls are you?"

I had been expecting this.

"Really? Yes. Long story. Not sure. Yes. No, Mum. Goodbye."


I cut the call dead, then slipped the battery out of my phone and stashed it underneath the coiled rope I was lay across.

Waking up at this time of night always gives me a headache. 

The End

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