Land Ahoy

After snatching the unusual sign and blue-tacking it to the wall over our heads, Ellie decided to go back to reading. I really couldn't blame her: when I find books that are, frankly, superb, I can't help but read them not stop. Though I had a feeling that this wasn't the first time Ellie had read through the Twilight Series. Twi-Hards are like that.

A little bored, I whisked out my laptop from the overhead compartment (I didn't know boats contained overhead compartments. Maybe this is a very special boat!) I logged on, and, in about a minute, I was on YouTube-my ultimate spot for relaxation! I positioned myself on the seat next to Ellie and motion for Bernard to join us on my other side. I still can't tell whether this person is a girl or boy...

We watched some videos like 'The Doctor is Hyper', 'Why Is The Rum Gone? Remix' and 'Total Eclipse of The Heart Literal Video'. These are things that make me giggle, or Laugh Out Loud if they're seriously funny...Though some of my other friends don't have as free-flowing a sense of humour as me. We all had a good laugh, though I wonder what Ellie and Bernard truly thought of my choices of comedy videos.

"Look, I'm gonna go up and ask the Captain when we're arriving. Even stuff like this won't keep my sustained much longer. Anyone coming?"

They both refused my offer; Ellie busy in her book and Bernard being (somewhat reluctantly) lead into a conversation with some of the other people from the 'old hermit corner'.

The sea breeze whispered strange words in my ears and nipped at my walm extremities. Up there on the deck it was far colder than I expected-and I had left my best blue thermal insulator (aka jumper) down below. Leaning over the railing I gazed into the beautiful blue sea, and thought I wish we had sea like this at home. Straightening up, but with my white hands still clutching the bars between the free ocean and myself, I spotted a very familiar site.

I rushed back down to Ellie and, adressing the whole lower deck rather than just herself, announced:

"Hey guys! We're back at the harbour!"

The End

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