Ellie And Bernard

I wandered over to Miss Obsessed-With-Twilight-Ellie. She had managed to sneak away from the group now in the opposite corner whilst we were talking/playing Crash.

“Hey Ellie are you okay? I’m sorry if it got a little…crowded over there. Probably my fault,” I joked, “Anyway. Do you know when we’re gonna arrive back to land? I mean, the journey across didn’t take this long, did it? I didn’t really notice-I was too engrossed in writing on my laptop.”

She looked up, smiled and shrugged a bit, then went back to her book.

“Look, we can go away if you want, it’s just I wanted to include you…” I mutter hastily, “Plus I’m bored!”

“If you don’t want us around then you should put up a sign.” Bernard said, a little too loudly for my comfort.

Ellie looked up and I glimpsed what I thought looked very much like anger in her eyes. Uh oh. I hope there’s not going to be a fight…

The End

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