The Hermit Corner isn't a Hermit Corner Anymore...

Okay... Now I'm confused, I thought to myself. And I'm supposed to be the maths wizz in my class. Angel nudged me playfully, saying something about babbling on. I smiled and nodded - it was all too confusing and everything seemed to be blurring together.

As Angel started to surpervise some maths game that I'd never heard of and would probably fail epically at, I picked up my book and my bag and went to find somewhere else to read.

The hermit corner was no longer a hermit corner, and I'm not too good around people, so I made a new corner. I should make a banner:

Maximum 3 persons in the area

But that was only in my head. I would never do something like that for real, however much I wanted to. Silence is my thing.

The End

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